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  1. My condolences also to family & friends who lost Jim. I never met any of the Davis family, but their contributions to the marble community were never the less appreciated by me. Sorry to hear that the man who inspired it all is gone.
  2. me neither. very wow!
  3. thanks for the review, charles! those pelts are mouthwatering!!
  4. well, you did it. i'm crying at my desk right now, and everyone wants to know what's wrong!! that's just wrong and unfair!! no kidding though...good on your friend for a killer find. really, really nice!!
  5. i like the ones with pink. i still get heartsick when i think of the package i mailed steve for christmas that never arrived. i'd found a few MMs with pink and had included them in the box. grrr! i hope whoever got them at least appreciated them
  6. very cool!! did you hear any stories you can share? it's nice to get a glimpse of older times through someone else's eyes.
  7. hey greg, what a lucky and awesome find! how'd you find it? got any shots of the rest of the box? thanks so much for sharing
  8. tankgrrl29

    A few pelts

    wow, BJ, that marble is AWESOME! steve, now who's holding out? what's that purple & green looking one right next to your red and green (toward the top, middle-ish of the picture)? windy, looks like you have a super-duper htf purple on caramel in the upper right of your first picture. i have one that is all purple with red ribbons - no caramel showing. it's in the pics i posted above. have you ever backlit it?
  9. tankgrrl29

    A few pelts

    hey bj, my black, yellow & white is some kind of clear rainbo style, i think. is yours really black white and green? wow. got any pictures? is it for sale or trade? this one i have is kinda raggedy looking - the ribbons, i mean. it is kind of hard to catch the pelt features in it. almost looks like a cats-eye. lol @ charles actually, #4 has agoraphobia, but i know where it's twin is edit: kris, i love that shooter in your last picture, and that sunset just to the left of it. very cool!!
  10. tankgrrl29

    A few pelts

    i finally had a little extra time to snap some pictures out of my keeper box (translation: i have a ton of crap to do, and i'm procrastinating ) hopefully i can pay some of you back for all the times you made me drool and cry! :lol:
  11. i didn't know bill, but i'm sorry you lost a friend, jerry. best wishes to you ~chris
  12. shew! i'm so glad you didn't tell us
  13. Shareef don't like it, but Smitty rocks the Casbah!

  14. that's weird.....the link is giving me a "topic not found" message
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