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  1. Rumor has it stripe opaque and shooter sized swirls are being collected out of a spot near the original French drain site , trying to get some pics , anyone aware of this?
  2. Meteors from beyond our galaxy
  3. Could be..Edward bought several from me , would love to take a look at the collection
  4. US $225,000.00 Edward, The marble community would love some pics.. I know several of my marbles are in that collection.. I would love to have that solitaire set back and those popeyes your son bought. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-handmade-German-marbles-Collection-containing-5000-wet-mint-marbles/202337138138?hash=item2f1c3bb5da:g:uxsAAOSwwTlbG1po
  5. That's such as tragic story, I didn't realize she was so young. Praying for you Scott
  6. Scott, I'm so sorry. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, it makes no sense. I can understand your thought about letting her escape but you need to hold on.
  7. 33 bids.. 19/32 non mint popeyes just sold for $107.50 what in the world... I see $25.00 max how about this big boy shooter...
  8. I'm looking for: peltier comics slags 3/4 and over Mica's any size mint latticino's 11/16 - 3/4 mint email me a list.... [email protected]
  9. send me a list of the comics and prices if you want to sell some, unfortunately I sold all my Akro porcelfrits.. I think you bought them lol peltier comics slags 3/4 and over mint Mica's mint latticino's mint [email protected]
  10. In the early 90’s I was able to find marbles but they dried up once eBay started
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