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  1. Wow! To live for:-) My eye especially likes the little the single ribbons and the small lutz marbles. BT
  2. Kind of like asking which is your favorite child ....lol Although with marbles It depends on which day of the week it is:-) The first one ....Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The second one Tuesday and Thursday. The third one Sunday. BT M/W/F 13/16" MFC Multi Colored Transparent with oxblood T/Th 31/32" MFC gun metal paver ... MFC Mossagate Sun. 5/8" C.A. Striped Opaque
  3. Sorry to hear this news. Mike always had a big smile when he first saw anyone at a show he knew! He had a big heart, a great passion for marbles and was very mindful of what other people were experiencing in their lives:-) !!!!! Peace Mike. BT
  4. Echo Zaboo ....I love em both Bob. The detail is amazing as always! Here's a few lame shot attempts at the migrating humming birds that stop and feed on our sugar water feeders every summer and fall. Sometimes there will be four or five at once and they will get very aggressive. It's been a few days since we have seen any so they may have moved on to warmer air. No marbles and the detail is lame compared to your images but it is still fun to share:-) BT Edit: In between the second and third Humming bird shots is an image of marble stuff, playing cards, letter openers, and a marble button, bu
  5. Likewise...just a click n go :-) My Nikon is over ten years old also, it has a timer but I don't know how to use it ...lol It's only five megapixels which is more than enough for the internet. Those Vivitar flashes I bought in the late 80's ....dinosaurs by todays stuff.
  6. Echo..... Lighting and a tripod are your friends. Here’s a pic of my simple set up: Here’s some pics I took with this simple set up: BT
  7. "Your vacro example has alot in common with Galens C,A, example with the oxblood and all. Interesting!" If you look carefully and compare the vacor look alike with Galen's c.a. swirl you'll see obvious differences in the glass between the vacor I found in the vat and his c.a swirl. :-) There are differences in the composition of the colors of the glass used by each company, their construction attributes, and the resulting textural surface features..imho. I think if one were to actually call the brownish red color oxblood on the vacor example, (which I would not), it was purely incidental and n
  8. Here’s a vacor turkey c.a. look alike that I pulled out of a huge vat of marbles at a fao schwarz toy store in the early 90’s ...... getting to old to remember when it was exactly. Here’s a killer C.A. turkey with a tail :-) Here’s another nice c.a. turkey swirl...... with a double turkey
  9. Hi Andrea:-) We've all been there and done that more than we would like to admit! Here's a link to an old post with a few of my favorite pavers and MFC's in general :-) BT LINK: http://marbleconnect...__fromsearch__1
  10. Hope you haven't paid for it yet:-) BT http://www.ebay.com/itm/Golden-Rebel-Peltier-Glass-Company-Marble-/330664828469?pt=Marbles&hash=item4cfd28de35#ht_499wt_1416
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