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  1. pollyestr2

    Need some help on ID, Please

    A friend came up with a handful of these and I'm completely in the dark. Can I get a manufacturer, a name and a value (if any) ? Thanks, Nancy
  2. pollyestr2

    Family ID?

    Thank You WVRons - everything I need to put them out for a collector. Great input from all of you - thanks. Nancy
  3. pollyestr2

    Family ID?

    The colors seem to be in the same family. 19/32, 5/8, and 3/4 inches. The larger marble has a "flame" type pattern. Need to know the maker, if possible, for listing on eBay. Thanks, Nancy
  4. pollyestr2

    Need info on hand made

    Steph. I think it was the "opaque" description of a Clambroth marble that got me on the wrong path. It's amazing how a few minutes on this Forum can make a toy marble into an eBay Item! Thanks, again. Nancy
  5. I don't buy hand made marbles and know little about them. But once in awhile, you buy a jar, and they sneak in --- I've read the books on Clambroth and Gooseberry but neither seems to fit. Please advise. Thanks, Nancy
  6. pollyestr2

    Are they Cat's Eyes? Who made them??

    Thanks so much Steph - I was a long way from guessing that one. I'm doing good but my marbles haven't gotten much attention for awhile and it shows. I've got a few other questions for you if I ever get time. Thanks, again for your help. Nancy
  7. These measure just under 5/8" and there were 10 or 15 in with some old clay, a bunch of hand mades and some cat's eyes. Thanks, Nancy.
  8. pollyestr2


    eBay bound
  9. pollyestr2

    Large And Extra Large - But Pretty

    I have some Mexican marbles, but nothing of that size. I'll dig them out and check for these colors and the dappled skin. Thanks for pointing me to possibilities. Nancy
  10. I picked these out of the bunch I just got at an auction. Two are 1" and the other two are 1 1/2". The surface is what I would call Orange Skin. I haven't a clue unless they are foreign or artist-made. Any ideas from the Connection? Nancy
  11. pollyestr2

    Found A Keeper -

    Thanks for the comments. I doubt that I'll be around long enough to find the rest of that cereal box but I do love the hunt. Ric: It's very possible I was playing marbles that same year - Mickey and I are the same age! Then again, I think I was more into Hop-Scotch! Nancy
  12. pollyestr2

    Found A Keeper -

    Sorting some 1935 Mickey Mouse cut-outs from Post Toasties Cereal boxes and found myself a keeper.
  13. pollyestr2

    Peltier (Gropper) Canaries

    Steph: American Machine-Made Marbles describes Canaries as one-color translucent Peltier marbles - "The National Milkie is similar to the Akro Agate Moonie, and the Canary is similar but has a slight greenish tint." A yellowish tint would make more sense to me but they got that info someplace - ?? Nancy
  14. pollyestr2

    Sistersville Article

    You mean this guy? The hat goes one way and the tongue the other... Nancy
  15. pollyestr2

    Need Help With Id

    One end is clear, the other end just fades away. No oxblood - the colors are translucent.