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  1. It's a pity Steph that we know so little about the history of the production of Japanese marbles. According to me they made very nice marbles before WW11,probably since 1920. I would also like to see some more evidence like documents etc.
  2. winnie

    CAC or Alley?

    Me too are going for the other way CAC.
  3. winnie

    Alley Fever

    Thats a nice busy Alley. I think this is my busiest Alley.
  4. winnie

    Happy trails

    A free bag of marbles with a pack of soap powder.
  5. winnie

    Id help

    Yes,pinch cut-off
  6. winnie

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    Yes the first one on top is Veiligglas,I'm not sure about the second one,I've seen very few with that brown color so....
  7. winnie

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    I mean by the opaque marbles,it's the first one I've seen with amber. The wirepull's and transparant swirls do have the amber color.
  8. winnie

    Mostly Pix - Veiligglas

    My newest addition,it's the first one for me with amber color,7/8
  9. winnie


    I do not recognize it as being foreign,btw nice marble.
  10. winnie

    Jake Anthony

    Oh Ric,how awful to read this,so sorry with your great loss,my thoughts are with you and your family.
  11. winnie

    Machine made onion skin?

    Yes,looks like a Whispler.
  12. winnie

    Vitro blue and yellow

    I have this one in my Japanese box.