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    collecting cat's eye marbles for the past 27 years

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  1. quick, give me the address lol.
  2. cat's eye jack

    Marbles To Get List

    hi al, thanks very much for your imput, i do have 6 of the 8 vane double white cross thru in 5/8" and 1 in 3/4". i've always thought if patry had one of the 16 vane with 8 white cross thrus there must be more......jack
  3. cat's eye jack

    Marbles To Get List

    hi everyone, i'll be 69 in a couple more months and there are two cat's that have eluded me in my 30 years of collecting cat's eye marbles. a few years back i found my 3/4" 8 vane with a 4 vane white cross thrus. if i remember correctly patry had both an 8 vane white cross thru and a 16 vane white cross thru as well, i think they might have been 1" or more in size. does anyone remember these wonderful cat's eyes. thanks, jack
  4. cat's eye jack

    Mk Snowy's

    hi steve, it sure looks like one to me, thanks for showing.....jack
  5. cat's eye jack

    Mk Snowy's

    how does one get in touch beri fox? thank's jack
  6. cat's eye jack

    Mk Snowy's

    don't really need an id but sure would like some information on this mk run. what year these were made would help a lot, it seems these are few and far between as i have only seen a couple of others. sizes 9/16",5/8".......thanks, jack
  7. cat's eye jack

    $200 Jabo

    still 5 hours left on ebay bidding, last i looked it was up to $203, do you think this is a realistic figure? item #140921610346
  8. cat's eye jack

    O/t- Need Thoughts And Prayers Please

    wow big john, that's fantastic news. i hope and pray that you get back on your feet real soon. your friend jack.
  9. cat's eye jack

    O/t- Need Thoughts And Prayers Please

    i just sent john money via paypal at his email address, it went through smoothly. i'll be doing it again come payday, linda and i are praying extra hard for your recovery......jack
  10. cat's eye jack

    O/t- Need Thoughts And Prayers Please

    praying for a full recovery........jack & linda
  11. cat's eye jack

    Vintage Boxed Marbles

    spotted these on ebay, nice assortment of vintage boxed marbles, some seem a little high, some low......jack http://www.ebay.com/sch/kbatkpranch/m.html?item
  12. the pic is from my files. i've been searching for one of these beauties for several years and still a no show. anyone ever seen one in a collection? thanks for looking.........jack
  13. cat's eye jack

    Sea Glass

    hi, the famous sea glass beach is in fort bragg ca. the beach was a dump for over 100 years and there was glass as far as you can see. the bad news is it's just about gone, too many tourists carrying out bags and bags every day. could this be the sea glass beach you are thinking about? try checkling it out on google.....jack
  14. cat's eye jack

    Some Of My Sweetest Catseye's, I Think???

    a few of my better cat's eyes. #1,1"white cross thru with all transparent vanes #2, 3/4" blue base vitro #3, 5/8" black cross thru #4, 7/16" white cross thru. hope you like.......jack
  15. cat's eye jack

    Happy Birthday Duffy

    happy birthday steve, hope your having a great day....jack