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  1. Just for fun , green and white.
  2. Pardon my hand , I call this picture Plum Crazy. Not my favorite three or rarest I've seen. I would say these are hard to find.
  3. Hi Steph , Happy New Year to you too. And Peltier Mibber , no AV in any of those mibs. Wouldn't that be something!
  4. You may be a marble addict if even your toothpaste has aventurine.
  5. I'm gonna bump this thread, how can I pick just one?
  6. And some Vitro's I've been enjoying.
  7. Hello Disco , your marble looks kinda like mine.This one measures 31/32" too. Is it a corkscrew ? Popeye? Great marble
  8. Hi Steph, I haven't done much marble stuff lately , I've been busy at work. I couldn't resist this marble picture thread , I love taking pictures and I love marbles. Great pictures everyone !
  9. Is that a "big brown" front and center? Would love to have a peek at that.
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