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  1. I was taking photos today and noticed eye lashes on this Master tiger-eye.
  2. Thanks guys for taking time to look at these. I'm putting them with my Vitro's.😊
  3. These measure in the 5/8" range and I'm hoping some one might have an idea who made them? Thanks, Bo
  4. Thanks Chuck for that information. I don't have many Akro's, but I think I'll hang on to these.
  5. These marbles are all in the.625" range. Here's another view. I've had these forever, Master could be. Thanks Steph
  6. Hello, and happy new year everyone. The kids got me a cool UV flash light and I've been testing everything. I was suprised when these glowed. Is this common in sparklers? The marble in the lower left corner does not glow. Maybe not a Sparkler? The base glass is clear. Thanks, Bo
  7. Just for fun , green and white.
  8. Pardon my hand , I call this picture Plum Crazy. Not my favorite three or rarest I've seen. I would say these are hard to find.
  9. Hi Steph , Happy New Year to you too. And Peltier Mibber , no AV in any of those mibs. Wouldn't that be something!
  10. You may be a marble addict if even your toothpaste has aventurine.
  11. And some Vitro's I've been enjoying.
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