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  1. OK , just a couple more I photograph outside often.
  2. Thanks Chad ,I'm putting together an Alley box
  3. Thanks Tommy ,sure would like to run into bunch of these.
  4. Thanks Chad, I'm glad you like it. The rest of um.
  5. I knew I had this marble somewhere, It was in a box of marbles to be polished so condition is not great. I think I'm glad I didn,t have it polished. Akro Agate Blueberry Ade.
  6. A nice CAC slag with classic S and some opaques.
  7. I think they do too. Find a very bright light or take them out in the sunlight. Nice Whities here are a couple of mine with aventurine .
  8. Hi Gladys ,I don't know about Anti Blackies but did you check those two green and white mibs for aventurine? Second picture down. Nice mibs
  9. I will just throw this out a guess redder patch with chunks Thrasher. Darker more oxblood like Hero (no chunks). Golden Tawny with yellow patch on the other side? These were a group
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