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  1. Put your glasses down on the chair you just got up from. Okay, I admit it. I've done this a few times. But never again. ( :
  2. I just signed in for the first time in a while for the express purpose of getting an Ann update. Had no idea others were on the same wavelength, but maybe I felt the 'vibe'. Hope we'll hear from her soon.
  3. Hope Galen has had at least a little well-deserved good luck by now. P.S. There are very few things as terrific as an excellent sharp cheddar. Moving to Wisconsin wasn't the worst move I've ever made. ( :
  4. Ann, I feel like we're drifting apart.... Judging from cold and wind indications here, I'd say your timing is excellent. Have fun! ( :
  5. Two responses to two recent posts. Although I'm completely in agreement with Galen in an overall sense, there can be occasional aberrations with long term averages of observed phenomena. I don't know what the heck's going on lately, but anyone who's been anywhere near me this past week would definitely confirm that I'm not being 'proportional'. : + D + O + 90 degree clockwise rotation = Soup!
  6. Not going to win any photographic awards for this, but I'm hoping some of you will find it kind of fun. I'd noticed in the past that this particular nearby street light/electric pole had a stronger attraction for insects than other lamps in the area. But tonight was the first time I saw that our local arachnida were well aware of this and having a field day. ( :
  7. There's something about vehicles that lends itself well to the whole 'only did once' concept, isn't there? How'd the 30,000 volts feel compared to the scorpion? ( : Another one I was thinking of was forgetting to put the drain plug back in when changing your oil. By the time you notice all that beautiful golden oil spreading out over your driveway there's not much you can do about it.
  8. Perfect! Is that the backyard in North Carolina welcoming you? ( :
  9. Absolutely. Madya is a good one! Never crossed my mind. Was also wondering if this guy has anything to do with them. ( :
  10. Well this is sort of intriguing, even for someone like me who knows little or nothing. I'm going to try to be 'sleuthy' here, because my buddy Steph likes sleuths and even if I fail miserably she'll admire the effort. Just realized that Jessica already beat me to my first thought. All we have here are three letters, so the ass-umption of 'maker' is jumping the gun a little. (Didn't mean the funny word as an insult. I've made more of these than you ever will!) My second thought was what do you mean by "some bags of"? Is this potentially relevant, as in traditional marble pouch bag, or packaged mesh/net bag? Or do the marbles just happen to have been placed in bags at some point and we can skip that detail? My personal ass-umption is that MAD is a fairly 'broad' categorization in one sense, given the other pretty wide-ranging descriptions. But it probably has at least one very specific component to it. Since I've already bored everyone to tears. let me make one hypothesis. If MAD turns out to be "Marble Alan Something", that might be pretty interesting. ( :
  11. I had the privilege of seeing these in person. They're really neat-looking, and both looking at them and handling them is aesthetically pleasing in a way I can't quite describe. If you get a chance to add a few of these to your collection, you won't regret it. But keep them away from children. (Of any age.) Your first instinct is to eat them. They look delicious. ( :
  12. Never heard of the Sears Tower situation, which I guess is okay since it's ridiculous. My New York version, of course, is shown below. I have no idea what the MetLife building is. ( :
  13. the Sears Tower, that we're now supposed to call the Willis Tower Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? Willis?
  14. I'm thinking that the proper meaning of the term "dozens and dozens" is a number greater than or equal to 48. What do you think?
  15. When it comes to this sort of Elizabethan prose, I hope y'all'll allow me to also allegorically allude to illustriously elaborate alliteration.
  16. Ed, you're absolutely right, and it was only a week or so ago I found that out. I've always had the cans. Don't have a clue about the bottles. But I tried one on tap and it wasn't awful but it just wasn't the same. I don't know what Richard's talking about. Our US bottles are reasonably sized. ( :
  17. Geesh, I think I did that once too. And thinking about that just made me realize that it's really nuts that not all cars have hand brakes. Not because of goofballs like us, but because in an emergency situation it might not be a bad idea for a passenger to be able to reach over and bring the vehicle to a stop. If I were in the situation Ann brought up, with my luck there's no doubt that it would be a 'Western' saddle. ( :
  18. I always thought PBR was nicely 'dry' and better than many people give it credit for. Granted, it's one of our classic American collection of bottled beverages which cause people world-wide to exclaim "So those Yanks really call this stuff beer?" But I wouldn't turn one down, unlike a few other brands I know. ( :
  19. Armor-All a motorcycle seat. The bike stops. You don't. It is not dignified. ( :
  20. I'm dying! Couldn't explain why, but that's definitely too funny.
  21. P.M. to Steph Hey Steph! Thanks for showing me how to get the private messages working with this new forum format. I know you wouldn't want this one to show up where everyone could see it! Although really I don't think the silly plumbing story is necessary, and I doubt anyone at TMC would give you any grief about taking off for a day or two to attend your annual Bunnypeople convention or whatever you call it. Here's the shot we took before you left. I think it turned out pretty well!
  22. This is a fun thought in a 'macro' sort of way. But while we're here I'm thinking we ought to also go 'micro' and ask ourselves "What in the world is cute about a bug's ear?" http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/as-cute-as-a-bugs-ear.html (This is kind of interesting if you have a little nerd in you like me)
  23. kbobam


    A box that popped up in my mail early this morning caused Capital One to send me an unintentional, but well-timed, suggestion.
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