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  1. I totally understand David, you truly are a blessing to know. I suppose I can take away from this that first, I should post pictures. lol Secondly, try to better describe my question. All in all, I got the answers I was after, so thank you all for your input. That's what makes this board so fun. You can come in, get a few quick pointers, and your back to the mib pile with the flashlight. lol Have a good night everyone, God bless!
  2. Some of the ones I have swirl, not great expanses of swirls just light translucent with the fiery base. Seems like it is my inexperience thoroughly confusing some of you, if not all. It was my hope to pin these down to a few makers and go from there, do some digging and find out on my own. So there is atleast 5 makers of the fiery inner glow, and God knows how many makers made swirls. What I'm after is the ones that made mibs on this fiery inner glow, whatever type of glass that is, and how many of those made opaques and translucent swirls? I hope that explains it better. lol
  3. I'm not asking if all fiery swirls are Christensen, c'mon Steph! lol I'm looking to pin down some mibs I have, just pin them down. Now those fire opals interest me, but the pic doesn't show a close up so I can only look at what the ad says about the fiery glow. So Akro made mibs with a inner fiery glow, and because Acme realers have that glow and were made by Peltier, they are as well on the list. Now I haven't seen, nor do I have any Christensen mibs with a fiery glow, however I will take your word for it. So that give's me three makers, Christensen/Akro/Peltier. No bring in swirls to this mix. If the swirls are Christensen with this fiery base then you should be able to differentiate them from another swirl maker, by reading the swirls. (Sounds like reading tea leaves. lol ) If those signs are not there, then that would make the marble either an Akro, or a Pelt. Shoot and we didn't even get into size yet. I just may have to dig these out and take some pic's. I'll see how lazy I feel tomorrow. lol
  4. I wouldn't call a flinty a moonie either, but that's because I know the difference. Thanks in large part to the great community here at Lou's. I have too much going on to dig the camera out, but they are 5/8ths and all but one deep green mib has the interior look of an acme realer when backlit, that glow that is unmistakable. So, the glow, fiery opal, which ever you want to call it, is seen in Cac's, Akro's and Pelt's? Now, if a swirl is a Cac, I should see a clear sign of that, and if not then it's Akro or peltier. right? lol
  5. Ok, so I heard of a blue moon marble during my recent trip, with the same fiery glow as the white moonies or acme realers. My question is, would these all be pelt with that glow? AND, what colors did they make? And what era did they make them? Do the colored ones have any swirling in the glass? So far, I have found red, green, blue, and white, all with the moonie look and glow. However, the blue and yellow have some swirling in the glass near the surface or on the surface, and it looks more white until you get it into some light where you can see, or when you backlight it. They all have the fiery glow, but I'm wondering if some of these aren't just pelt swirls, or maybe even just pelt trying to make solid opaque game marbles? Then again, they weren't rookie marble makers so they most likely made exactly what they were trying to make. So, what can you tell me about moonies? And I'm not talking about the ones with the crack down the middle. Thanks!
  6. Hope you have a wonderful day Lady! God Bless!
  7. Why do I collect marbles? They remind me of my dad, and of great times now past, and of good times to come. The beauty you can behold in the palm of your hand is just memorizing. Like miniature replica's of celestial planets, each one holds something new. ...Plus marble people are the best... everyone knows that. lol
  8. http://marbleconnection.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=14516 The consensus was Master. It does have eyelashes on one cut-line, but not the other.
  9. If you want something cool, hit up Griff on here. The coolest marble display cases I have seen, hands down. The baseball bat put him in the marble display case hall of fame as far as I'm concerned. lol
  10. Wow Alan, those are spectacular!! I'm sure he knew you'd take good care of them.
  11. Anyone have a link to these on ebay? I don't see any up there anymore. There is one for a single marble but it has no pictures, could this be one of them? Isn't collecting marbles fun!! lol
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