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  1. Royal3

    Cloudy Sparklers or Cloudy Sunbursts?

    Those are steals for <$10!
  2. Royal3

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    It looks like a really unusual Helmet to me (I love that shade of blue,) but Ron did Vitro glass ever get that seedy? Of course that could be one reason why it was so unusual.
  3. Royal3

    It SAYS marble on it ....

    Great old repurposed safety match holder - every backpacker/camper probably had one of these. I just wish I’d kept mine!
  4. Royal3

    Sound off!

    Still kicking
  5. Royal3

    Marbleous Pictures

    Thanks ”Ronernesto” 😉 - I appreciate it! Really nice one.
  6. Royal3


    Glad to see you, Ernesto!
  7. Royal3

    I.D. Req. Vitro oddity. Tweener?

    Really interesting marbles; they do appear to be a different Vitro in construction, don’t they?
  8. That’s the definition of a bad day for any marble fan.😩
  9. Royal3

    Marbleous Pictures

    I’ll say! Fabulous shot. Ron, is that last one a furnace swirl?
  10. Royal3

    Board Update

    Thanks to Lou and Steph for all of their efforts, and thanks to Jason for stepping up!
  11. Royal3

    C'mon peeps!

    Sorry, Steph - it was a thumbs up - I’m not sure why it squared out. Coulda been the browser I was using. Anyway, yes, it was good, and thank you, back at ya!
  12. Royal3

    C'mon peeps!

  13. Royal3

    Ok, glossary anyplace?

    There are more scams than I care to think about. How do these people sleep at night?
  14. Royal3

    Art glass bag o marbles

    Really well done. Never heard of the artist before (I cheated and looked it up - Mike Wallace.) Thanks for the post Vance!
  15. Royal3

    Contemp Artist Signature

    Not a clue, John, sorry. Have you tried Ron’s site? It’s tedious to work through, but you might get lucky. They’re both classically constructed marbles, so maybe they’ve been around. https://www.glasmurmeln.com/HOT--ar--ar--ar--Identification-guide-for-contemporary-glass-artists.htm