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  1. Some of you have heard that this board would be shutting down this year. We had a member, Bumblebee step forward and offer to keep it going. Jason will be the new Admin and I will be stepping away. Thank you for all the years of support. Marble on. Lou
  2. Yes, I delete shows that pass. Anyone can add to the list. Lou
  3. I loved buying Bill Murray's off ebay when he was making glass. My personal fav is Drew Fritt's but he isn't making any marbles at present. Like Josh Simpson planets as well as Gatson Recko's space mibs. I enjoy just looking at what's for sale on ebay.
  4. We just had a pretty large update to the software, hopefully only small issues arise. But there are a new shitload of emojis. Lou🏰
  5. Ric, words can't express the shock of something like this. My heart breaks for you and your family. Lou
  6. Happy New Year! May all your marble dreams come true!! Lou
  7. I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whichever other holiday you celebrate. I want to give a shout out to Steph who is the heart of the board. I couldn't ask for a better moderator. I've never met Steph in person but I'm glad I can call her "Friend". Thanks Steph. Lou
  8. I just found a box from Alan that he sent me with a note thanking me for my help with his web site. He also gave me a Drew Fritts marble for my time. I didn't expect anything and just wanted to help out. That's the kind of person he was. One day I'll take pics of the note and marble. Lou
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