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  1. Thanks, seem to be doing much better. Have some ups and downs, but can't complain!
  2. Well, I'm not technically new but I've been away for the hobby for several years due to some health issues. Trying to ease my way back in and just wanted to say "Hello"! Dustin
  3. i asked a question about condition once....hadn't even bid, was just trying to make sure before i did and i made the blocked list
  4. packed up and ready to go.....here's what's coming with me. hope to see some of you there!!
  5. i will be there room to room saturday morning---probably about 10ish! looking forward to seeing everyone!!
  6. took some pics of some of the marbles i'm taking to the KC show this year---thought i'd share! happy to answer any questions (size etc.)
  7. i'd say alley all day----kinda looks like this one i had
  8. yep....got that hercules in the mail today as well!! don't know how i missed getting pics of it (too much rebel excitement i think!)
  9. and just a couple more little nlr's 21/32'' liberty AND 5/8'' golden rebel loaded w/ aventurine (and mint)
  10. 21/32'' pelt mcs with oxblood 5/8'' john deere w/ aventurine 23/32'' pretty sure these two are hybrid popeyes--transparent (not a lot), thick wispy white,and blended multicolor corks 11/16'' little brother popeye
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