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  1. DownIsland

    Andrew Carnegie

    You do amazing work!
  2. DownIsland

    Is This Akro?

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20913437 Check out that link, that decanter looks some what similar. Jim Beam packaged in those in the 60's- 70's so way way way too late to be Akro.
  3. DownIsland

    Is This Akro?

    westmoreland maybe? Akro didn't make any thing that big.
  4. DownIsland

    Happy St. Pats!

    Erin go Bragh! :Happy_457:
  5. DownIsland

    Several Stimulus Spending Solutions

    That is one of the best Akro sets I have ever seen! Good Luck on the auction!
  6. DownIsland

    The Calendar

    Thanks for updating the calendar!!!!!!!!!
  7. DownIsland

    The Calendar

    The show dates would be great!
  8. DownIsland

    Guineas Boxed Set #3

    Those are beautiful!
  9. I could use a few of the last dances!
  10. DownIsland

    West Fork Glass Co.

    That was the Eagle Convex factory
  11. DownIsland

    West Fork Glass Co.

    I'm from the neighboring town. I believe they just made window glass. They were located in the Broadway neighborhood in the eastern part of town. Here's a link with a old post card of the factory: http://glassresearch.com/glasssite/2.facto.../west_fork.html