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About Me

I am a new member to this board as of February 2009. I have been making marbles, spheres, and eggs for 4 years now out of slag glass or stone. I do not use a marble-making machine. So, there will be some minor variation in the shape. I use only grinding wheels ending with 3,000 grit wheels. These wheels produce a high polish.

As I am a new member, I am still learning how to post images to this website. However, if you wish, I can email you images of some of my work. Please give me a clear idea what you are looking for. I do not blow glass. So, do not expect me to have any marbles with colored swirled patterns within clear glass. My glass marbles and spheres are all made of slag glass. My stone marbles and spheres are made out of every type of stone I can afford, especially stones local to California, such as jade, serpentine, and jasper. I am an avid beach comber and have found pounds of material that I am now making into marbles.

I am also building a website that will include descriptions, images, and prices. Having come to marble making from lapidary, I am quite clueless about all the various terms for marbles - but I'm learning thanks to this board.

If you have material that who wish me to make into marbles, I will consider such projects. Contact me before shipping anything. If you have a badly damaged marble that you want repolished (GASP and herisy!), I will consider such a project, but only after consulting with you. Cracked marbles probably should not be repolished.

Thanks and happy collecting,


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