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  1. Very possibly the Christian evangelical aspect of the transaction cancels out anything of a nefarious nature* but make of it what you will as I'm sure you will. David *Curiously it hadn't entered my mind. Pete mentioned this among some other projects he's involved in lately in rather a lengthy email exchange recently more regarding providing kids with killer shooter marbles having aventurine to the max.
  2. Got me. I know that if you get the catalog you do get the Prices Realized sheet when it is printed. I could send you a copy. David
  3. I would expect my copy of Prices Realized any day now in the mail. I'm not sure but I would imagine that it is necessary to have somewhat full determinations regarding bids honored, etc. before putting out the final Prices Realized information. David
  4. I wonder what denomination the marbles are! Probably ecumenical. David
  5. Well, I'm hardly a pacifist and as Sherman thought "As Atlanta goes so goes the......" but the skirmish suggested in the thread herein seems to lack any visible coordination other than pithy half statements. I don't see any real commitment and you could never accuse Sherman of lack of commitment and there was nothing halfway about his actions. David
  6. This one probably requires prayerful consideration (Christiansen! Jesus!). I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic marble offering. David
  7. It's a shame you can't see the darn things. Blurry pictures. David
  8. I would prefer it be known that I am no where near Atlanta and for the foreseeable future intend to stay clear 'till whatever is presently brewing comes to some sort of fruition. David
  9. Is this some foreign policy statement on Memorial Day? David
  10. Hey I knew that! But Stacy, was that back to front or front to back? And Chuck, what's this shuck 'n' jive about some more; seems to me the question posed was "Where is THE Akro Flinty" and "Where is THE pelt tri colored swirl?" You changing oars in mid stream? David P.S. And left to right.....right?
  11. You know how on the rare occasion you'll break open a fresh egg and it will be slightly bloody, well the left side of this marble exhibits that. I think it was a fertilized marble! Anyway, that red sheen on the side definitely gives it a sunshine appearance so I can see why this fellow especially likes the marble even if it turns out to just be a game marble. I have some chinese checker marbles in the box that have a row of marbles that are absolutely outrageous....it can happen when all they're aiming for is a simple, one color marble distinguished from the other colors. David
  12. Of course, you don't have to send me a piece of that sweet little sparkly chunk. Heck, you've been generous twice as much as necessary. And you ain't a woofin' about the abundance of Vitrolite at all those dig sites! To think I got excited in March of 2003 when Mike Johnson sent me a couple pcs. of Vitrolite and Wissmach Glass. David
  13. Of note: Pete at LOM has had marbles inscribed with the Golden Rule and ordered from China. David
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