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  1. marbleblood

    German Handmade Oxblood - Egg Yolk

    This is such an "eye-opener" and in more ways than one! They are just fantastic!! Thanks for sharing and I hope we can see even more. Very enjoyable. And I'll just sit back and watch from this point on and just let the thread roll where it wants - if I can restrain myself. Jim
  2. marbleblood

    German Handmade Oxblood - Egg Yolk

    Maaaannn 'O man!!! Dan!! Sweet-to-the-extreme opening example!! Thanks! Jim
  3. Fancy Steph! Fancy! Jim(-:
  4. Thanks Sue! - and very well put (on noticing Benningtons) - and it did work in my favor that time! Jim
  5. Got any German handmade's with oxblood or egg yolk or combination? Sure would love to see them if you would like to share your photos. Thanks ahead of time for any and all! Jim I'm already envious just thinking about it
  6. Love learning new things and especially marbles i have not seen before. Some of you already know - I love the details! Those Akron's are so cool and have great history - which I enjoy just as much. I was reading about the large sizes of Bennington's in the thread, when it made me think of our pretty big Fancy Bennington we picked up at a collectors auction. He was downsizing and we were lucky enough to come home with it at a very reasonable price. I thought it had size going for it and no one else bidding seem to take that into too much consideration I guess because it didn't last long. In any case, my wife and I truly enjoy it. Apparently it is towards the upper end on size for Fancy Ben"s - which makes it such a special piece for us - not to mention that I finally used my head for something more than just a vessel for eye balls. It's 1-9/16" and in excellent condition - with only hints of "eye's" - which I thought was relevant too. Thanks for such great info and photos everyone. Jim
  7. Backin you the rest of the way BigJohn!! Wayda go!!! Put the glass to the mat!!! Jim