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  1. trade ya some guineas for those subs, see ya there. Peace,Galen
  2. Here we go. This is it for me here. Unless again provoked. After this Hopefully we can all get back to marbles. 1. I do not care for the vile postings. 2.yes you are 3. we do not delete posts at LOM (yes a few were deleted in the past it does not happen now) 4.I do not ban and am not allowed to ban at LOM 5. Griffs post was a slam at me. David made it out to be something else. Read the whole thread. It is very obvious. 6.Simply because it allows open posting for adults 7.I certianly do( most people that post at the same boards I do are not associates) 8.See 5. 9.Actually the first post referenced something that was far from positive. See 5. 10. I believe I am being made out to be the bad guy and do not consider myself such. its OK with me if you disagree. 11. Search them out. I like answers too and try to do the research to find the factual ones. 12. Simply not true. See 5. 13. Not my intentions. I do not like foul launguage. 14. How do you know I haven't. People know I don't like and don't use foul launguage.. 15. I do not consider my posts rumor mongering. I do do some investigating before I post. maybe someone will do some research themselves and what is the problem with that? What if it helps just one person. It hurts no one that is innocent. 16. No 17.Yes, unless I am accused of something or find the need to defend myself or have something I feel needs said in a seperate forum for adults. 18.Never have I claimed to be an expert at anything 19. Nope, just a guy that feels the need to help out now and then. And is willing to take the flak to do it. 20.No one, and I didn't ask. I am my brothers keeper. 21. If you really want to know you will do your own research. That is what I hope everyone does. it isn't that difficult if one really cares. 22. I have also edited my original post into a manner it should have been done the first time. I do apologize for posting Griffs foul launguage here. I should have not done it in that manner.
  3. Edna dear, I never called anyone a thief. Actually Peter was simply relayed a message given to me by my friend Jack Rogers and asked to relay to Peter. Peter was told to please call Jack for his side of the story as I have always told anyone interested to hear Jacks story. I wasn't there I only know what Jack told me. I would hope anyone interested would call Jack and get the story from him, form their own opinion and go from there. I usually make it clear for folks to do their own investigating and not just take second hand info as fact. And I am not the one that brought this old stuff up once again. I am done here unless more attacks are made towards me. Back to marbles maybe??? Peace,Galen
  4. What has actually happened. 1.Galen made a simple post at another board stating some stuff he was told while at his trip to Jabo. This was done in the hopes that it may help someone investing in future new runs at Jabo. 2. Griff posted some very nasty stuff at that board accusing Galen of being this or that and calling him names. 3. David C made reference to that post on this board making it out to be some kind thread against the foul talk at that board. 4. Galen copied that post here so folks could make their own opinions on what he actually posted 5. Galen is then attacked on this board by several individual with many half truths, lies and outright BS. 6. The attacks on me are always by 1 or more of the same 5 people. 7. Galen has not talked bad about or accused any individual of anything on this board. 8. Galen did send Edna some PMs expressing his disappointment when she posted the nasty letter from David C. 9. Galen sent PMs to Steph suggesting she try and make shorter and to the point posts at LOM since most reading are newbies 10.Galen can not ban anyone at LOM 11.I also wonder why anyone that feels that any of my attempts to save anyone a little money or heartache shouldn't be posted.(which is why my post at TMK was made)(and many other of my posts that get slammed by a small group of individuals) And I ask why shouldn't I post them. No innocent person should ever be negatively affected by any of my posts,ever, And if they are in some way I am very very sorry. That is not my agenda. I am just sickened how over the years more and more less than honest people seem to be accepted and allowed to mingle in this hobby. Ripping newbies and gullible individuals off for large ammounts of money and marbles) Many People continually say things like Its not your business, let it go, they should have known better, thats what they get for not knowing what they were buying, Oh he never did anything to me, I always got a good deal from him, why must you be the marble police ect ect. That stuff makes me sick! Its just like watching your neighbors house get robbed and not calling the police. Or seeing some treaker looking in your neighbors open garage and not letting them know. Well folks, its like this. I was taught if you are not being a part of the solution you are part of the problem. And I still believe in right and wrong. And the good Lord allows me a little time to come to these boards and do a little bit to help here and their. If you don't like all my methods that fine. And thank goodness you are free to post your opinions. But you will never make me feel like the bad guy. EVER. Peace,Galen
  5. Enough has been said over there where I was posting. I do not make anything up. I don't have to. I may repeat things I hear that others may wish were not repeated. Oh well. Anyone honest should not have a thing to be concerned about, and may appreciate the heads up. There is a real simple way to look at all this. Anyone that hasn't done anything wrong or immoral certianly should not be worried about hearing things that may in some way help someone out. I really wonder why trying to help the little guy bothers some so much?? And my post wasn't for those that have already been involved in runs it was just a heads up for those that may be thinking about being involved. And it was good information. Peace,Galen
  6. Anyone is more than welcome to copy my posts to this or any other board. I may not like some of the words used or even some of the stuff posted at Scotts but at least I do not get deleted. And again, I did not start anything on this board,. simply responding, and I would never use such launguage. so if you once again would like to make it out like I am the bad guy feel free. And if you have the time please read all my posts in this thread at Scotts. Don't believe I called anyone names. So goodbye again untill someone has something more to say or incinuate about me. And Edna dear, no one used the c word except Griff. You reall need to Get your facts straight. Peace,Galen
  7. To see the post David is refering to you can click hereAdults only please, foul launguage
  8. I gotta wonder if a shipping company would go so far as to falsify records and smuggle something as worthless as toy marbles. That just sounds rediculous to me. GWW.
  9. So maybe someone that knows him could nicely explain to him that he just sold a whole bunch of polished marbles. Maybe he will be so nice as to let his buyers know. GWW
  10. Sorry, just trying to get more accurate crap posted(LOL) Been through over 30 ships Duffy. From Wooden schooners The U.S.S. Constitution to Freighters New and old, Submarines and even 2 Aircraft Carriers. Hornet and Enterprise. Studied ships and shipping quite a bit. I have had a fasination with ships(and shipwrecks) for quite a while. Probably since moving to Brazil on a Passenger carrying Freighter in the 50s. (marbles are just a part of my hobbies) GWW
  11. It is just one of about 15 that the seller had up that were very obviously polished dug Akros IMHO.(They are missing the extremely high gloss look that marbles in that condition should exhibit, and the light reflections appear blurry not clear) Sad thing is most of the buyers will be newbies and won't know they were polished until they take them to a show and someone points it out. I have seen it time and time again. GWW
  12. IMHO there is no way marbles were ever used as a Ballast in ships. For one thing the ships in 1955 were not built in a way that marbles would be a ballast. As part of the contents of the hold (yes) which helped act as ballast. I think this is the basis of the old stories also. The marbles being heavier than say cloth foods ect were probably placed lower in the hold than lighter material. Therefor folks thought ballast when seen coming out late as goods were removed from the ship. . That simple!! And the story tellers were probably the same folks telling who invented the first marble machines (LOL) GWW
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