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  1. the bottom ones on the white background are closer totrue color
  2. have had these for years , have no idea which box to put them in the two on the right are related i can't remember if the smaller one was with the same group -
  3. this one is 9/16th with lots of bubbles so leaning towards Christensen - but does it have a name? thank you for looking
  4. thank you it is missing the "pull" on a handgathered and certainly is round.
  5. this is a nice size "Beach Ball" with defined double seams - Akro? lots of "Eyelashes" thank you for looking
  6. hi hope everyone is doing well - have a few question on some 5/8"-9/16" mibs this one is on a Green Matrix but has a whispy tail - I think Akro anymoe second that. thank you
  7. I have a few other Fisher Jewel trays , but picked up this beaut at a local fleamarket for 2 bucks...pays to get up early.double score 39' world's fair and vitro agates.
  8. there is some light "sparkle" in the upper left one - but isn't aventurine created by grease on the rollers?
  9. more images (my resizer is on the funk)
  10. Hi hope all is well - I am sorting through a pre-1936 (the year of the paper in the tin) and wanted to get your opinion on this group average size 7/8" thank you for looking rb
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