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    Marble King, Akro Popeyes, Alleys, Oxbloods, and Peltier NRL. I also collect antique canning jars.

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  1. I tried to send you a message and I guess your mailbox is full? Please pm me and let me know your asking prices and condition. Thank you. Paul
  2. Hi Randy. I am coming. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Paul
  3. Thank you for all your efforts making this available for everybody. Paul
  4. Danny, thank you for the reply and explanation.
  5. That is very cool looking. Aren't the marble beads kind of heavy around your neck? How do you drill the holes in the marbles? Thank you for sharing this with us. Paul
  6. Merry Christmas to you and everyone. Those are some nice handmades, congrats! I love the mica example. Best regards to all. Paul
  7. Very cool. Glass negatives can really produce some quality prints. I have a few glass negatives of the town I live in. Have you ever made any contact prints or had prints made from the negatives? Thanks for sharing these with us. Paul
  8. I found another pic of canning jars to share. This is from the Kalamazoo bottle show in April 2013. Kbobam, I see that you mentioned you like bottles. What types of bottles do you like? Please share some pics with us.
  9. Hello Kbobam. I don't feel picked on and I am happy to oblige your questions about my user name. I collected canning/fruit jars since I was a teenager, I turned 60 this year. I was also a privy digger since about 1989. You know those places that were used as outdoor toilets, privies? lol Before you walk away from your computer in disgust let me tell you that I only dig privies from homes built before 1900. After a hundred plus years of water filtering through the ground it's now just rich dirt. Back then folks didn't have garbage pickup so all their household trash, refuse, BOTTLES, were also thrown in those holes. I've found all kinds of interesting items and some MARBLES also. Most every home built before 1900 had at least one privy in their backyard. On the east coast they had modern type sewage in the big cities as early as the 1880's, maybe even a little earlier so there are exceptions to this. In the midwest where I live modern sewage wasn't adopted until the early 1900's. I got on ebay about 1997 and had to create a user name so I chose "idigjars" as my pseudonym. I sold my jar collection about 1999/2000 to put a 1500 square foot addition on our home. I still have some jars but about the same time I sold my jar collection I kind of became fascinated with marbles and started participating in some of Bob Blocks live auctions on Sunday nights and would pick up a marble once in awhile. I was a "closet" marble collector for quite a few years and a couple years ago our youngest Grandson Joey (11) decided he liked marbles and began collecting them. So we started collecting marbles together. We have taken Joey to a few marble shows and he loves going to marble shows and learning (me too). I generously share marbles with Joey and he loves oxbloods the most but he also has lots of other examples of marbles including some hybrid cat eyes. He has a very nice collection of oxbloods and I have to say that marble dealers treat Joey exceptionally kind when we take him with us to marble shows. One of our older Grandson's (Alex) was interested in digging and bottles so I started taking him a few years ago and teaching him how to date bottles and the privies we were digging and about history. I love history. Another Grandson and I woodcarve together. I am including a pic of Alex holding a historical whiskey flask from the 1870's that he dug. Also a pic of a canning jar I just sold to a buddy of mine who loved it more than me. The original lid on this jar was worth a few hundred itself. I'm also including a piece of flat tile that I found in a privy once that had a charcoal/graphite drawing on it. The only reason it survived is because the drawing side was upside down in the pit. I love all marbles even cat eyes (hybrids). Anybody that knows me can attest I'm pretty OCD about marbles. haha I've met some super nice marble collectors and dealers and always appreciate their kindness and willingness to share knowledge of marbles. I believe in thinking positive and so I try to encourage anybody I can about anything. I believe we are supposed to uplift and encourage one another aren't we? And when folks step forward and make a post to share I want to add a positive comment. I don't feel informed enough to help with marble identifications as some of these educated folks on here though. So tell us about your username please. Best regards to all. Paul
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