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    Aside from marble collecting I love to fly-fish, ride motorcycles and 4wheel my jeep.

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  1. jeeperman

    Id req.

    I am not sure I would go MFC on any, the last is close and possible but the glass all look similar to asian transitionals
  2. jeeperman

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    Thanks Chuck, but man you have got some droolers yourself! And I wasn't even thinking of those Chaulkies of yours!
  3. Sold most of mine off but this one was a recent find. =}
  4. jeeperman

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    Dang Chuck and Mr Met....I had better get busy before you two find all the killers! Some nice stuff guys! I have a few new I can add. =}
  5. jeeperman

    Mostly Pix - Akro

    Nice Auger up there.
  6. jeeperman

    Mostly Pix - Marble King

    oooh pretty one. =}
  7. jeeperman

    Alley flame? And?

    Oh I am slow, looks like you have it dealt with tho. I would agree, Likely akro lazy cork and Alley swirl. # flame tips for a flame but I like to have 5 or more on one side.
  8. jeeperman

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    Hi all, been pretty busy at work the last few month but thankfully was able to make the Seattle show. Here's a few of the new pretties. Calligraphy drizzle