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    Aside from marble collecting I love to fly-fish, ride motorcycles and 4wheel my jeep.

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  1. one more, just cant leave it out. =}
  2. Here is one with no glass raised above the surface. My Calligraphy above has a slight bit you can feel, The drizzle was so heavy it couldn't completely smooth out before cooling. This one here as crazy as it is.....is completely smoothed. except the couple small spots and you can barely feel them
  3. jeeperman

    Id req.

    I am not sure I would go MFC on any, the last is close and possible but the glass all look similar to asian transitionals
  4. Thanks Chuck, but man you have got some droolers yourself! And I wasn't even thinking of those Chaulkies of yours!
  5. Sold most of mine off but this one was a recent find. =}
  6. Dang Chuck and Mr Met....I had better get busy before you two find all the killers! Some nice stuff guys! I have a few new I can add. =}
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