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  1. Thanks, Man, maybe one of Ed Parson's runs like Jabo Hillbilly Magic??? Burt
  2. Thanks, Steph, maybe part of an experimental run at Jabo. Hope someone will recognize them. Burt
  3. About 3/4". Deep Red Translucent Base with Oxblood Streamers, ribbons. Thank you.
  4. This 49/64" Akro Agate Corkscrew makes me think of Chocolate Oxblood but the opaque base is green. Akro collectors, please help with any information. Name? HTF?. anything. Thank you. Burt
  5. Thank You. 41/64". It's listed on ebay now.
  6. bermar


    Are any or all of these Alley? Bottom left has hairline oxblood. Approx. 5/8". Thanks for any help. Burt
  7. Hi Steph, The D.A.S. FABB Coastal run was produced on August 22, 2017. Thanks for providing the picture. Burt
  8. Land & Sea with thin aventurine ribbons
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