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    Making marbles.<br />Playing the flattop box on Sunday morning. (thats a 6 string acoustic guitar for those who dont know) <br /> BTW, there is no one who is righteous, no not one. Who ever calls on the Lord will be saved because of what Christ has done for us, thats it. Have a question? feel free to ask.

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  1. Your new benningtons are still nice marbles to collect. If I were to make them (and I wont) I would charge 5 bucks each for them.
  2. imho The hardest of all marbles to photograph are sulphides or those with a majority of clear glass. I have found that direct sunlight, (not through the window, but outisde) often produce the best results.
  3. looks more like a plug that would have kept the glass from flowing out of the furnace until it was ready.
  4. would be nice if there was a ;mark on the bottoms.
  5. the only pictures I have are the ones of my dreams, while I slept......
  6. That would be a Jim Davis set. He sold them at 25 for each marble back in the day, I got one of his last sets from him.
  7. not mine either, too toyish of a figure, not an example of early steam engines.- my opinion
  8. Ive made some contemp versions, single color, not much over 1-1/4.
  9. sure same cane can be very large, take a man and a mule to handle the weight of the gather (plus a little help from your assistant) but its very feasible.
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