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  1. I'm behind, but managed to get some shows posted on the WV Club site. http://www.westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/news/ I'm offering up a wood collector set for the WV Club silent auction.
  2. This guy Daniel trujillo dannyv-8292 Granted, it's a mixed lot of marbles containing newer items, as described, but this guy bid and decided not to pay. When I messaged him, he replied stating he wasn't paying a bunch of money for a bunch of mostly newer marbles. Naturally, my question was why bid then?
  3. https://www.leavittfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Joanne-L-Argabrite?obId=10944513
  4. It only took me five years to see this. You mean these? Yeah, exactly the same. The real laugh is I was lied to, cheated and robbed before I loaded my first case box. Those who laugh last...well, you know. The last dozen or so case boxes I have, I have no money invested. Not so sure I could have said that about Kokomo. Though the run was a disappointment, overall I prefer them to Madyia, Joker Ox, Marley, Joker Fall Harvest, Joker Dark Knights, Eagles...and about another six, or more runs. The diversity is much better than another six, so overall, I did okay in spite of everything.
  5. I've added a couple pictures from the shipping dock pit location. Ron was kind enough to offer to fill some digger's buckets from the immense cache in the pit. My bucket worth yielded about a gallon of good ones. See last two pictures. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/pastshows/?view=32&pg=1 Update on the cleaning. Not sure why, but the bleach didn't do quite as good a job as the the first time. I think my mass bristle brush scouring was a bit more gentle, though most residual surface deposits will rub away with some additional effort. I just realized there is such a t
  6. I tried many suggested products, but a two day soak in Bleach was hands down the best for removing nearly everything. Some stubborn tar like stains and some rust deposits required some scrubbing.
  7. I took some photos and Linda sent me some additional photos of the digging action for the web site. It was another good time, good weather, a good haul and some new friendly faces. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/pastshows/?view=30&pg=1 I went straight to my original treeline pit and staked my claim, then had the track hoe operator help me get passed those unyielding oven bricks a few feet down. Here's half the day's booty. Check out the cache of oxblood cullet in the last photo. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/pastshows/?view=32&pg=1
  8. Look in mirror? Am I supposed to see fraud in this mirror? I'm so sick of crybaby posts about crybaby posts. It's people like you that promote enabling fraud, by bashing those who try to dissuade it.
  9. Added some group pictures of different types from the recent dig. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/heatonagatedig/?view=29&pg=1 FYI. Mineral deposit removal test 24 hr soak. CLR, Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, vinager...no affects. Bleach, removed or loosened 95%.
  10. Ron's off hunting, so I'm taking the liberty of posting a link to the West Virginia Marble Collector's Club news page, where I set up links to the gallery. Kidz Club pictures from Ron and Nola providing marble info. and games for kids at the annual Gilmore community fair event. Also, my pictures taken at the 2018 Sistersville marble festival during a slow period late Saturday. It was my only chance to get away from my display after a bustling morning and afternoon. Of course, I had to get a few shots of the Marblewagon. After all, it was the first time I have taken it out in three years
  11. If you notice any errors in my article e.g. 'everyone' and adventurine...not my error. Transposition mistakes.
  12. Getting busy getting ready for this year's West Virginia Marble Collector's show. Our Contact has a new phone number, so be sure to check it before calling for show table reservation. This year's observed manufacture presentation will be something very, very special. All details begin here (scroll down, read, click show card link for more info.): http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/news/
  13. Without digging them out, It is likely either Joker II, Ultra, or E.T. Crystal. Me sways to Ultra.
  14. After a few discussions, David Tamulevich and I collaborated to get a pictorial guide to Cairo Novelty marbles online via-the West Virginia Marble Collector's Club web site. David's Archaeological finds, packaging and cross referencing collections have resulted in a knowledge base on the matter, second to none. Enjoy. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/identification/?cat=17&pg=1
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