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  1. I did well selling bags of 30 marbles for $5. They were all in played with condition and lots of random common stuff.
  2. I always put a little goo-gone in my soapy water. It gives them a nice oily shine to wipe off and I think it leaves them shinier when your done.
  3. the part where I said there's a raised part can barely been seen in the bottom right pic where the reflection is on the surface.
  4. It's not a scanned pic. I took it myself, but looking at the bottom of the mib, there's still a raised part in the glass. I know it's not a pontil, but I think it's where the figure was inserted. I have some polished mibs where you can see a little surface evidence of polishing, and this one just has a few scratches, (I know that scratches CAN look like polishing, but this definitely is not) but no chips. I know it looks too clean to NOT be polished, but I'm 99% sure it's not. (haha... get it... 99?) But for discussion sake... what could this be valued at as polished and not polished?
  5. any thoughts on what this may be. I'm thinking a bear of some sort, but I was hoping for a more specific description. also any thoughts on value? Not polished and 2" diameter.
  6. I have one of those blue based vitro cats in a 7/8" size
  7. if rumor has it correctly, I think he wants 10k for it. These are all legit from my understanding.
  8. I had someone do a re melt of some of my sulphides, you don't loose as much glass with a remelt. Here's my examples
  9. Marblenut... have you heard from anyone on the National Committee yet? Hopefully we will be able to hook you up with materials for starting a program.
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