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  1. Nice one, would have been my first guess since I have the same combo and think it falls in that category. "Canadian Mushroom". I really think there is something to the location these are found in tho'
  2. wow! It's gotta be an Akro though, right?
  3. I'llhavethat1


    Bottom left could be an Alley Coral, top right could be Pelt, other two I don't recognize
  4. They all look Vitro from the pictures
  5. yes, looks that way to me
  6. I like these wacky ones. and am glad they didn't get discarded. It is a little surprising they'd still spend the time to grind/facet the pontil...although at that point 90% of the labor and materials would already be into it.
  7. Yeah, these ones are tough to ID and years ago there was discussion on origin. I believe the common opinion was "Foreign" meaning non-USA (they seem to be found more often in groups of marbles in Canada, UK, Australia and parts of Europe). Red and white are probably the most common color combo, and sizes over 1" are a lot less common than the ~5/8" sizes.
  8. The one you pictured is different in the sense it's deliberately a colored base glass where others could be argued as a 'tint' caused by UV (purple) or contamination in the clear glass (ie: yellow or bluish tint). And the colored outer bands too are odd too. Most of the deliberate colored ones I've come across are a white latt and white outer caged bands typically on a deep blue, emerald green, or amber yellow base glass
  9. Peltier, but not Christmas trees
  10. Yeah, screen grab from a live set. Categorically non-marble, but eye candy, so I figured it fit the bill
  11. Original post looks like a Vacor maybe?
  12. Looks like a nice swirl in the background
  13. That is sad. I always liked to read his posts, which hopefully included a pic of nice marbles, old cars, outdoors, dogs (and sometimes all of the above). Keep on smiling Lloyd
  14. My initial thought is Foreign, but different pics could sway me. Don't know what's causing the 'halo' reflection but it's throwing me off.
  15. Several manufacturers made handgathered marbles, the cut-off in pic two may hold some clues?
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