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  1. Looks like Pelt construction, the base glass color is unusual but I don't know what they're calling them nowadays
  2. At that size I'd rule out Vacor Atmosphere (knowing the size is a good way to narrow down possibilities). Does have similar colors/size to a Vacor Sunflower, although I haven't seen an example with white. Pattern looks like it could be CAC. I'll sit back on the sidelines and see what the people more familiar with these have to say.
  3. Encouraging to see the cutline on there, rather than a Bulgarian pontil, lol. It's a nice marble no doubt. Either the glass looks newer or the super-mint surface reflecting the white is what throws me of a bit. Might be able to tell better in person. Somebody did a pretty good post on Bricks a couple years ago, green bricks etc. I'll post the link if I can find it.
  4. Looks like it could be. Some more detailed pics, size, etc. would help rule out some of the other possibilities.
  5. If it's not a CAC it could be one of those Vacor Atmospere. I really hope it's a CAC though, because you just don't see them that often
  6. First one looks a bit more Vacor-ish than the rest, but CAC used similar colors.
  7. Looks like a German shrunken core onionskin, but I'd also like to see some better pics.
  8. I'm not up to date on Vacor, but the wear/imperfections would have made me guess twice
  9. Agreed. The symmetry and spacing of the visible outer bands is a bit better than average as well. If the other side and pontils look good, would be a nice addition.
  10. Any Aventurine (sparkles) in the big Pelt?
  11. Skilled/manual trades are in demand so that's a good thing. Sometimes much better than sitting in an office. Yeah I'm pretty disappointed with the photobucket thing too. Was trying to get an old pic from my album and really froze things up, continuously.
  12. I'llhavethat1

    3 miles!

    I don't often get to this section of the board, but good for you! personal accomplishments are always motivating.
  13. I'llhavethat1


    They all look like Vacor/Mega marbles
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