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  1. Yes, maybe a couple more pics would help
  2. If this is all the same marble, pretty interesting. Something going on there for sure. Nice mib
  3. Reverse twist is kind of neat too!
  4. for surface finish that rough, try putting it in a shallow bowl of water and take a pic. The interior detail will show up much better. Looks like it could be close to the example from the book that Steph posted, although if the base glass is blue (appears to be) that makes it a fairly uncommon marble.
  5. The unusual thing about these examples, is the pontil is on the opposite side of the pattern than expected. I'm still with Vintage transitional, and good eye for picking them
  6. Some nice Pelt patterns. Top two are super nice
  7. I'd agree! a lot of research and studying goes into (what eventually becomes) experience. Keep your eyes peeled, there are always questions being asked, good pictures and good people on this forum that can lend some assistance.
  8. They look an awful lot like Akro Corkscrews but I'll go with non-USA transitional.
  9. Came across these from a friend and I haven't seen too many of them around lately so thought I'd share. Anyone know what a complete set looks like?
  10. I'llhavethat1


    Definitely handgathered. If German, look for evidence of a ground/faceted pontil. Might be hard to see in that condition.
  11. I'llhavethat1


    Almost looks like a Pontil in the last pic (the way the pattern loops to it)
  12. The middle Vitro looks to have a neat pattern
  13. My first guess as well. Maybe a conquerer of some type?
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