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  1. I eat a lot of grapes that are borderline, do you think it may be a yellow cherry then? Those are good too
  2. They all stand out (as German swirls). Bottom right is an alternating white/yellow core latticinio. Hard to tell from the other pics of what you have there, but there are a couple worth another look.
  3. Agreed with German "Melon Balll" but the top left could be a figurative fruit (or something along those lines)
  4. Steph, on yours, is it a cold roll that makes the "9" pattern show up under the UV pic?
  5. view 3.jpg looks like a green Jelly core. Probably not intentional but that's what I'm seeing. The green was probably intended to be on one of the white outer stripes but you can imagine the patterns can get wonky
  6. Based on the one pic I'd guess it could be a bubbly Akro but more angles would help. What's the larger handmade on the left side? Some clean looking marbles.
  7. 3 inch diameter would put in the unusual/record-breaker category. Either way, there could also be sentimental value that makes it worth polishing.
  8. Beautiful spot Ron. Lot of yardwork getting done around here as well (ahead of schedule) since weather permits and I enjoy the fresh air.
  9. The first three are definitely unusual. NZ and Au ended up with some unusual marbles (from the collections I've seen).
  10. Would it anything else but a CAC? (Obviously not well versed on the subject but surely someone can chime in). It's a Beaut either way
  11. When I was young(er) marble season would start as soon as the snow melted. Still remember those cold mornings, smell of spring, and obviously cold fingers. Any slags in that box?
  12. Hey Steph, no worries, just getting to this now and I'm a bit confused where you thought I might have been slighted? Alan probably knows a lot more about these than I do, so it's a good thing you tagged him. It's a community and if we can all help each other out that's a positive thing, right?
  13. Hi VT, good to see you around. And thanks Steph for thinking of me. Headscratchers for sure. Can't comment much on the 1st other than to say the orange is rich and the cutline is huge. CAC experts can chime in from there. 2nd one could benefit from a better pic of the pontil. Faceted would lean towards German. The green base would be unusual. what I've seen on a German. The 9 is tight
  14. Those are all amazing. Left front looks a lot older is it wood or something else? So, what's the high score?
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