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  1. It's been packed away for a while so I got it out for a closer look. You're correct, there is a pulp/paper/cardboard backing and the upper face is metal. here is a pic of the bottom
  2. Not tin, actually some type of cardboard (or paper mache) best I can tell.
  3. Welcome to the site. Any specific types you'd like to see (handmade, machinemade, certain types/colors, companies, etc.) can be a click away in the search feature. Or if you're not sure, ask away, and we can assist (as Chad mentioned).
  4. In the original post, top left looks Vitro and the others look Foreign ie: pinchers (or something along those lines)
  5. Took some oddities out for a group shot, (some might not even be Pelts, at least 3 are questionable to me).
  6. Based on that Pic, I agree with Ric
  7. I wouldn't normally expect it either but this is what made me ask. could be a rough spot, reflection, or focus issue, who knows.
  8. Is there a pontil on the slag? Pattern does look like it could be handgathered.
  9. Agree on the OP being Alley. At least that's where I kept my shooter sized one (Don't see them around much, at least for me). BerryB's marble is a CAC
  10. Looks like an unusual Petlier to me. Nice!
  11. The clear based look extra cool
  12. I'm kind of wondering if the marble in the original post is is some type of torch work marble. 2nd pic down has me especially thinking that way.
  13. Very interesting. I don't doubt the experts, but would love to see how the pontil (on the other pole) looks on these examples.
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