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  1. Is there a color scheme from Vacor, to make you think that way? 3rd pic down - Divot seemed a bit off for Alley, but doesn't lean me towards Vacor.
  2. Nope, and probably not CAC, the last picture shows a couple Alleys and CAC marbles though
  3. Can I ask what is chocolate Oxblood? The Oxblood looks a lot more red/orange in your second pics. Good pics, just a term I not familiar with.
  4. Got a chuckle out of the clever title (whether it was intended or not). From the pics it looks Alley to me.
  5. Solution: With handmades, polishing typically opens up the "ends/pontils". A titanium pen to scribe a P in that area would identify it as polished. And as far as Stephs comment re: "Most of the positive feedback about polishing that I've been aware of in the past has been because there was one much-loved man who was doing polishing and people wouldn't want to hurt his feelings...." I don't quite agree with that. Leroy did a fantastic job and I can't imagine it was an easy one. I know he took pride in his work for good reason. I'm not a huge fan of polished marbles but if you had
  6. For what it's worth, a gray non-textured background is usually what worked best for me (and my clunker of a 5MP Kodak, lol)
  7. Stone/Agate would be my guess based on the pics as well. Are they heavier than glass?
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