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  1. I'llhavethat1

    Rollem Boys Micky Marble Game.

    Cool. Interesting font on the illustration. Is it printed on the cardboard itself?
  2. That large National Rainbo Line box is pretty cool. Quite impressive collection
  3. I'llhavethat1

    A marble a day ...

    What's the story on those?
  4. I'llhavethat1

    Sound off!

  5. I'llhavethat1

    Have You Ever Seen??

    Pretty cool. No, haven't seen this color (or a light lavender) core before. Unless tinted base glass which this doesn't appear to be. Surely they made more, where is the rest of the cane? lol
  6. I'llhavethat1

    New or old? Pretty swirl ....

    Kinda funny how marbles seem to migrate together. Looks vintage to me based on the similar ones I've come across, and vintage Alley would have been my first guess. As a side note - A family member recently brought me some childhood marbles and I mentioned the 'modern' word. Modern for a lot of people, doesn't mean 40-60 years ago, is how the conversation went, and we joked about getting older. I enjoyed that visit. Good times and some marbles.
  7. I'llhavethat1


    LOL, spent so much time squinting at the pic, almost missed this little tidbit of good info at the bottom. Agree with bumblebee, the price point of the 'medium quality' 11/16-7/8" marbles is interesting compared to the rest of the Agates.
  8. I'llhavethat1

    Id req.

    I'd go with Peltier Peerless Patch on this one. Sometimes the yellow patch has (what looks like) black metallic but most likely debris/contamination and not aventurine.
  9. I'llhavethat1

    Single pontil?

    The blue one might have a pontil but a really rough one The other two look like modern machine made with a chip or damage (that can sometimes mistaken for a pontil). The black one looks like a Vacor confetti, but hard to tell from the pics
  10. I'llhavethat1


    Maybe it's the pictures (or my monitor) but the colors look a lot more vivid than what I'd expect for a Pelt. Maybe a couple more angles under natural lighting would help? Interesting marble either way.
  11. I'llhavethat1


    If it's vintage I'd lean more towards Vitro based on the color palette. Hard to ID by construction with a pattern like that.
  12. I'llhavethat1

    German or Contemporary part2

    ^Agreed. I like the one on the left. Is the pontil ground or maybe a trick of the light makes it look odd?
  13. I'llhavethat1

    German or Contemporary

    ^Agreed. Unusual but look vintage. Don't recall a single color orange one before.
  14. I'llhavethat1

    German or Contemporary part3

    ^That's where I'd keep them