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  1. Wow, OK you win! That's a stunner! I'd almost call it a work of art instead of a kids marble.
  2. ooo..tough one. Akro on 1,2 (possibility of MFC on 2). 3rd I'd wager Alley, but a couple views kinda looks like a wonky Pelt (I'm pretty confident it isn't). #4 no idea
  3. 2 would be an odd color combo for a Peltier Peerless Patch?
  4. 😳🤩 nice bright colors on that one Chad. Condition looks top notch as well.
  5. Pelt was the first thing to cross my mind, but some other angles might help
  6. I just unpacked these a couple weeks ago after moving storage, good timing. You guys have some impressive bottles.
  7. Last one looks like a Vitro helmet, and I'm trying to think if I've ever seen one with that color combo before...
  8. Here's an old pic of some old Germans that Leroy "mended", I know some people frown upon polishing but he did a good job saving this group
  9. I agree the middle one looks Pelt.... but a little off....polished maybe?
  10. I'm with CAC on the first, seems like one missing view would bring it all together. Second l'd lean Akro based on probability (shear numbers produced) but it could be something else.
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