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  1. Might have been a plan that didn't pan out? Interesting article nonetheless.
  2. I'd go with Peltier, CAC, Peltier in that order. Nice pics and marbles. Slight chance of Alley on the second one.
  3. Yeah, hard to tell from the pics. Don't recall seeing that many ribbons on a Popeye, looks more like a pelt from the first pic. Seeing in hand or other pics/angles would certainly help.
  4. Ugh. Weird looking one for sure. I could see it as corkscrew colors, with a very messed up pattern but I believe this color combo (good ol' red& white) and hints from the pattern would lean more towards some type of older marble. Probably decades older than what you'd see from Vitro. What's the size? Are there any translucent parts or is it fully opaque? Goes without saying the huge chip detracts from the value (would be worthless to some people), but way I see it, there is always value in discussion.
  5. Is $760 a "repurposed" value (ie: for marbles) or are there spool collectors out there that pay this much? Seems a bit on the high side to me but it would be interesting to have
  6. Based on (what looks like) a long tail, I'd guess dog. But it could certainly be a wolf or fox or something else. There was a lot of variation with sulphide figures
  7. Hard to say, but 5th pic down in original post made me think Pelt. Swirly, but Pelt.
  8. Thanks for posting the link... A lot of times people will say "check out my auctions" , but no link.
  9. Nice pics! Someday I hope to have the patience and gear to do something like that
  10. Old pic, but here are some others I've come across over the years Added a few since, and continuously on the hunt so would love to see some more examples
  11. I actually thought you posted a pic of my marble, they could be twins. This one is bigger than the rest, it's a shooter
  12. Awesome marble, one of my favorite styles/types
  13. Quite the back light set up! (sorry, don't have a guess on the marble)
  14. Nice variety for the wild! (especially excited about the handmades) Is that an Indian to the left of the larger one?
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