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  1. Could be, seams look a little "tight" so it might even be a CAC?
  2. Old pic but held on to a few as I definitely believe them to be Peltier
  3. Not much hope for cleaning that up, unfortunately. If you look at it too much it might even break.
  4. last pic is convincing. Hard to believe it hasn't shattered
  5. Yeah, it would be interesting to see more pics, if there was aventurine or oxblood etc. 1st guess is Akro on both
  6. None look like CAC to me but the bottom right in first pic is interesting-the rest aren't too shabby either. Nice patterns.
  7. Look more muddy base on my monitor
  8. Cool, some messages are like a snapshot of simpler times.
  9. Cool postcard, any writing on the back? Or is it unused?
  10. Nice, what's your best guess on the brown one? It first looked like a stone marble
  11. same train of thoughts... has it been washed in soapy water yet, or did you find it this way?
  12. Never met the man personally (and trying to recall if I'd ever seen a pic without that awesome beard), but I still have quite a few of his marbles and yes he knew a thing or two about Peltier.
  13. Did it come with all those other Vitros in the background?
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