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  1. I think I see it, cool! Trying to think of any Masters I have even close to that size
  2. It's a shame they did what they did. But that's not to take away from the efforts you've put into things My resolution- get stuff unpacked and back on the wall in the next couple months!
  3. There still might be a way to view your library and save the images to your desktop. Worked for me a couple weeks ago, which was really nice, since PB usually freezes up my whole system
  4. So Sad! Very talented with what he did, I remember the first time I checked out his website. The stained glass work, marbles, everything was impressive and in a lot of ways inspirational. I'll gladly continue looking at some of his marbles on a sunny day. Sorry to hear this.
  5. I'llhavethat1

    Pt. 2

    It's a nice one, much less common than most of the Lutz types (swirls, onionskin, etc). Sometimes you see them on a transparent green base.
  6. Pretty impressive gathering. What part do the figures play?
  7. Sunlight usually works pretty good to show the sparkles. They can be hard to capture in a photo.
  8. Some of those remind me of 5-pin bowling, lol The geometric ones are neat, what's the story on those?
  9. Worth mentioning the pattern (eye appeal) can have an impact on value as well.
  10. Looks like Pelt construction, the base glass color is unusual but I don't know what they're calling them nowadays
  11. At that size I'd rule out Vacor Atmosphere (knowing the size is a good way to narrow down possibilities). Does have similar colors/size to a Vacor Sunflower, although I haven't seen an example with white. Pattern looks like it could be CAC. I'll sit back on the sidelines and see what the people more familiar with these have to say.
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