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  1. Yeah, but at that point, they were played with for generations and pretty beat. I still liked the patterns though. That's how I got into marbles.
  2. The last round of pics look like a few Vitro's (Pelt on the first one). I see at least an Alley (blue/yellow) and a couple Marble Kings in the original post.
  3. I'llhavethat1


    Looks like some other nice ones in the group as well
  4. Good eye Steph, I was distracted by the top two on the right. And then got to thinking about whether or not the green one's might have Aventurine. Nice marbles, they look good together.
  5. Most of the big one's I've come across aren't in the best condition, so yes they got played with at some point...(or maybe fell of the mantle) They were the one's I aimed for in my playground days. lol
  6. Hard to tell as both CAC and Alley made marbles with those colors. Looks like it could be an Alley. But...(what looks like a cutline) and the '9' or "turkey head" pattern makes you think twice. Any still photos? What's the size?
  7. The location of the dump (without getting specific) might help narrow things down. Was it in North America?
  8. Nice looking marbles. I'm not seeing any oxblood, but there appears to be some Alleys and Peltiers, Vitros there
  9. Nice group, is there a link to the video?
  10. Now that's a real looker! (the other ones are awesome too!)
  11. I'm thinking the first is Vitro or MK, 2nd is Alley, last COULD be a Pelt
  12. Looks more like a cutline, but still nice 9 pattern. Whats going on around the equator , glued back together or cold roll. Nice marble
  13. 2nd pic seam and pattern could be CAC but it is most possibly something else
  14. Yeah, that's a tough one. I would have guessed an Akro-looking-Vitro, or else a very Vitro-looking-Akro
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