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  1. Could very well be Jabo's, hard to say from a couple pics. Peltier made some shooters in this size and color combo, and sometimes (at the larger sizes) the pattern can get a bit unpredictable...But a lot of Jabo marbles can be confused with vintage so take it with a grain of salt. For your question, if Peltier? Probably, somewhere between 50-80(?) years old, but see if anyone else chimes in. Some of the Jabo guru's might recognize them
  2. Any clues we don't see that make you think modern? At first glance there appear to be a couple Peltier traits.
  3. Interesting article. Years ago I used a bunch of surplus/beat-up/common marbles to level some landscaping blocks for my garden. Someday, somebody will probably dig them up and wonder what the heck?
  4. It's a nice size and pattern. Condition not so great, but hey. you did OK for $1.00
  5. What does the side opposite of the initials look like?
  6. MJT maybe? dunno if that helps, not one I recognize. interesting pattern though
  7. out of all those concoctions did you try muriatic acid (not a chemist by any means, just curious)
  8. I'm the same way. The German handmade marbles always stood out to me when I first started collecting/playing on the schoolyard. They were probably 100years older than me at the time lol
  9. Yeah, that's a nice Indian with Lutz. Desirable colors and pattern. Condition looks a little rougher than most would prefer but still a very desirable type of German handmade marble.
  10. Could be a crease pontil. Glass looks seedy enough. An angle that shows evidence of a hand gathered "nine" or spiral would convince me.
  11. Looks like what some would call "orange peel" surface (probably had something to do with the marble machine rollers not being warm enough). It's a big size for a clearie and could be a way to narrow down manufacturer ie: Vacor
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