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  1. Marble King seems right. Not sure how old or what name.
  2. That is pretty. A Vitro hybrid cat's eye. Could be from as early as the 50's.
  3. Randy, did you try to post a picture last night? Jason made some changes a short while back so that you can upload a photo of almost any size and the software will resize it for you. If you tried, and there's still some issue, I'm sure he'd like to hear it.
  4. Steph

    I.d req.

    The rooster has kind of a housepaint look to the white. And I think the white is generally a more distinct ribbon ... not as blobby as I'm seeing with yours. https://www.billes-en-tete.com/detail.php?id=49
  5. Steph

    I.d req.

    The left marble is looking thoroughly old to me. The white on the white (edit: I meant "right") marble is so bright that I would consider Rooster because of your concerns. But the structure doesn't look Rooster-y to me. I think old on both.
  6. Steph

    Rainbo ?

    Could be. I'm wavering .
  7. Steph

    I.d req.

    Counting from left to right ... Top row, #4, looks like a Pelt. The rest in that row look modern. Middle row, #3 looks Akro. #4 looks Vitro ... but maybe Akro. #5 looks modern. #1 ... MK I think but not sure how old. #2 ... can't tell if old or new. Bottom: can't tell if old or new. More views might help on the red and whites.
  8. Ha! I took a walk in the woods this morning. Found this little masterpiece on the ground. Hoping the previous occupants found safe shelter.
  9. It does stand out a bit. If I saw it alone I might have guessed Champion. It's possible an American-made marble could have found its way into the lot.
  10. Steph

    Rainbo ?

    First one also made me wonder about how early it might be.
  11. Hm, one inch. That's important. I do not know what it means with this color combination. But it's important. I totally do not recognize this. No clue.
  12. LOL ... *downloads Japanese Berlitz program* Yes ... mysterious origin ... same colors as the transitionals which pop up most in Canada
  13. Hiya. Welcome! Love to hear from people who actually PLAYED marbles!
  14. Is that white or green? Or both? I just changed my monitor and the colors are going to take time getting used to. The marble does look old to me. I'm wondering about possibly a Christensen slag with a smaller than average amount of white. But if that is green then all bets are off.
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