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  1. I would assume set. But I gotta leave it to one of the Jabo experts to say whether it all came from a single run and, if so, which run. I'm not recognizing it as the first Joker's but that was a long time ago and I wasn't as interested in Jokers as I was in Tributes.
  2. Ah, and I see someone wrote a date on the bag. Interesting. That fits the marbles.
  3. Yes, Vitros. At least some are Tiger Eyes, in a style which dates to the 1950's.
  4. Steph


    The brown is a bit weird to me, but much of the marble looks Alley. Size?
  5. Proper Akro Indian Blanket, and a mint Akro Superman, mint Lifesaver. A lot more bumblebees.
  6. Steph


    Oy. At 1" that's a tough call. Could be a later (estimate 1950's) Master. The colors seem to be in the right general area. The orange peel is making me wonder if it might be European.
  7. Could it be a weathered Master?
  8. I'm gonna guess FT isn't anyone famous.
  9. I'm not sure we're seeing the whole picture. Do these marbles have two patches each?
  10. Not a popeye. That's an odd one. If it's machine-made, then I think it got it's twisting from being hung up in the machinery. But I'm not even sure it's machine-made right now. I think it's modern. Size?
  11. With this view and that size, I'm gonna suggest Jabo.
  12. I think maybe a slightly later MK Rainbow on #4. Maybe an Akro on #2. Not seeing MK there.
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