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  1. Vitro sure is a reasonable possibility on that one, with the caveat that game marbles can be tough to positively ID by maker.
  2. Looks like various flavors of Vitro. Mostly. There's a game marble on the left in the first photo which I'm not sure about.
  3. Steph

    Pelt? Akro?

    So, those are my two guesses: Akro Royal or modern MK.
  4. Steph

    Pelt? Akro?

    I toyed with the possibility of it being a modern MK where the end patches got overenthusiastic and met in the middle. I also toyed with the idea of it being foreign. But I wasn't going to mention either musing until I saw this coincidental post on facebook with a similar black base. Marble King Freaks & Geeks Discussion/Sales Group | Facebook
  5. Steph


    I would have been looking for some odd swirl company. I don't know odd Kokomos. Seems one mystery swirl that I wanted ID-ed for ten years may now be seen as a slamdunk Heaton, thanks to new information in that quarter. (Mentioned in the spirit of realizing there could still be big wide gaps of unknowns even to the most experienced ID-ers.) My thought is that I still don't have any corner or niche into which your marble rolls ... but it's cool to see such a colorful mystery. With that distinctive color combo it seems like it shouldn't be such a mystery.
  6. Steph


    5/8"? ^^ my typical stalling question
  7. Not usually very valuable. Some color combos are more valuable than others. And Ravenswood is a popular company ... if it does turn out to be that.
  8. Mostly Vitro Agate. Mostly 1960's. Some All Reds Some Tiger Eyes Not sure of the pattern on the big marble, so don't have a name or decade. In the last photo, I think I see some 1940's Vitro Conquerors in addition to some more 1960's marbles. And I also think I see some modern Jabos. That line of marbles at the top left of the last photo look like Jabos in this view.
  9. Is this 5/8"? I'd say it's a West Virginia swirl. With the tan base, Ravenswood comes to mind, but wait for more opinions.
  10. This has turned into a very interesting thread! Thanks, everyone!
  11. Agree with Jabo. Jabo Classic: Between 1991 and 2007.
  12. Here are some examples of so-called Imperials.
  13. Some people call them "Imperial". Marbles made in various Asian countries from the 1960's until now can have a Master-like appearance.
  14. This one is interesting looking. I don't really have a guess for it though.
  15. This one might be a vintage West Virginia swirl.
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