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  1. It's a West Virginia swirl, from the 1940's or thereabouts, I think. But which WV company? @wvrons .... jmglenn has some browns .....
  2. Not seeing enough of the internal structure to judge.
  3. This is a game marble. Considered "solid color" thought it might have some variations in shade. It is almost impossible to ID who made a game marble unless you have the actual package in which it was originally sold. Game marbles was a big industry which many manufacturers took part in.
  4. This is a modern Asian cage-style cat's eye.
  5. @St├ęphaneFrance posted this on Facebook. 3.93 inches. This inspires me! I keep saying I want to make a very small run ... and I honestly keep thinking about it ... thought about it this past week ... am saving micropeewees for the purpose. But I guess I could also try to find one of these to buy because it looks so fun.
  6. I agree with your original verdict. I'm curious though as to whether its UV reactive.
  7. Nice 9! I need to file this one away in my imposter files!
  8. I was about to say I was unable to comment on gallery photos. But apparently a recent software fix changed that. I added one comment. I'll go have another look now.
  9. My question is "Alley or Christensen or Vacor". And I don't have any strong feelings.
  10. The colors made me think Vacor. The second to last photo made me think even more Vacor.
  11. Steph

    Help ID 49

    Very pretty. Would guess Marble King or later Vitro. Don't know.
  12. Old, I think. Something from Mr. Leighton, I think. Maybe Navarre.
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