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  1. Steph

    These too

    ... "peach slag" is what folks keep hoping for ... but CAC does have some transparent swirls also ... which I wouldn't want to ID unless I knew they came out of CAC dirt.
  2. On my monitor, the green (or blue) on the upper left one was looking to be a deep and transparent section which was why I was thinking of Vitro Tri-Lite. If it's a shallow surface ribbon then Akro would be in the mix for me also.
  3. I'll play it safe with "corkscrew". I expect that Akro meant it as part of the two-color Prizename run.
  4. Master at top. Two Akros on the other end. For the 2nd marble, my first thought was Master but now I am leaning Akro because of that one straight long seam.
  5. Can't see all the detail of the seam on the last one but still gonna go with a simple "yes"
  6. Oh no ... I am so behind again. Several missing runs which I need to add in but I won't let that stop me from posting this Holiday 2019 run, the last of the year. Bright lights do amazing things with these. I used a flash here. Sun was already gone when I got the mail and I'll be at work over the weekend, and I just didn't want to wait for the next sunshine opportunity. So I used the flash and it brought out colors I hadn't seen in my lamplit living room. There's a mist of lutz on several.
  7. (If from Mexico, then it would be from the Vacor company and they didn't call it "confetti". But that's the popular name for that style.)
  8. Hi. Welcome. That's a "confetti" style of marble. It's modern and not from the U.S. Could be from Asia or Mexico.
  9. Day 6 ... For Christmas pudding we have spotted dick! I'm uncertain on the swirl ... I don't recognize the texture of the base glass. It comes across as tan but it is also clear with sort of wispy and/or filamented ribbons in it. Is that a Ravenswood thing? Is it Alley in spite of being tan?
  10. I'm going to go with St. Marys Alley. 1940's.
  11. Not sure on the green. The rest appear to be Vitro Conquerors. Does the base fluoresce under blacklight on the green?
  12. A 3/4" shooter? Closer to an inch? I'm leaning toward Jabo. If 3/4", then other views in other lighting could possibly change my mind. If closer to 1", then I'll probably stick with Jabo with an outside chance of Alley.
  13. I am totally unaware of a marble named "bubble gum".
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