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  1. Wow. I had not heard. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Welcome! We like Peltier and Alley and assorted goodies!
  3. Steph


    ^^ what he said
  4. I'm 100% on the side of Peltier. The same chemical reaction which MFC and Akro used on purpose to create oxblood could create oxblood by accident in other makers when the right chemical colorants were present.
  5. (I had labeled 1st batch cateyes when I got started with marbles- seems so long ago-10 mons.& pre-pandemic, the good ol'days)
  6. Yes, leaning modern Asian on the gold. On the purple and blue, I'm not sure. Not sure about modern or vintage, not sure about American or foreign.
  7. Top right is vintage MK Bumblebee. Bottom is modern MK Rainbow. Middle right might be MK. Leaning Vitro on Middle Left. Top left ??? Maybe Vacor? ???
  8. Leaning Master at 9 o'clock, 11 and 1. Leaning Vitro at 6 and wondering about Peltier at 3.
  9. Steph

    More fun

    Wow! Plenty to stay busy with.
  10. I think Christensen Agate on the green and yellow swirl in the first photos. And is that a big Peltier Sunset in the first photo? If so, then wow.
  11. Matte finish is not uncommon on modern marbles. On vintage marbles it usually means time spent in water.
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