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  1. Been a while since I've seen these and unsure of value, The one is complete the other is not. Any interest let me know.
  2. Thanks to Ronnie these marbles are now presentable . Before they looked like someone put them in a rock tumbler. What a difference!!!! Thanks again Ronnie.
  3. Ronnie, I have one that looks like that. Could this be a Cobra also?
  4. Hey Ronnie, was that the Deer Run Lodge marble auction?
  5. I have a thousand dollars here burning a hole in my pocket.
  6. Got the marbles back from the marble doctor today. They look much better.
  7. I think it's dirty, but would love to see some lutz.
  8. The green onion is around 1 3/4" I think. They are not that sick, no major chips or cracks. The larger Lats are not as lucky, they have more chips.
  9. Sending these off to the Marble Doctor for some mending. Will post after pix when I get them back.
  10. Thank you Beth for posting the pictures. That was a great collection of Peltiers and thought others would enjoy seeing them. Like you, I too was surprised when I saw the size and condition. If you decide to get some of your mortgage payment back. Let me know. T.C
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