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  1. These are late 70s Mexican cats. We would all assume Asian
  2. I found a pic of them when I found them originally
  3. little late getting back to this. Here are the Vacor cats with black/metallic in them. Some towards the top
  4. Ron-I will share pics of the exotic vacors (80s?) with black banding and I can also share some pics of additional 70s and 80s Vacor cats if you are seriously interested. None of them are a match to the original marble, but they are marbles we rarely see attributed. Just want to make sure you are genuinely interested in seeing them before I take the time to do so
  5. and Ron is the king of marbles. I agree with that wholeheartedly.
  6. Gladys-JABO made a surprising number of patches throughout their years that are mostly still unknown. I have read that Dave tried not to make them out of respect to MK, but they were sporadically made while making 5/8" Classics on numerous occasions and then more notably in various tankwashes. There are some in 3/4" contract runs. They made a lot of them on purpose after Dave left too like these
  7. one last thought-I know there is a newish seller of Chinese marbles (King) and they are making brand new designs all the time, but also copying some Vacors. I haven't seen their new marbles in a couple of years and also was wondering if they might be putting out swirls and/or cats now too, and I just hadn't bumped into any yet. (until maybe the last few days)
  8. also-I know very little about the majority of Asian marbles and don't even collect most of them on purpose, other than a few colorful ones that were actually sold by Imperial. I sort of hate them as the only marbles I had as a child was a bag of coke bottle glass cats probably made in taiwan or hong kong or one of those countries. Yes -I have high interest in European machine mades and its reallyfun new seeing previously unknown variants of those, but that has nothing to do with my original question
  9. Ron-you took my question the wrong way as I thought might happen. It frequently does because I have asked loaded questions of you in the past. I tried very hard to make it clear it was a straight up genuine question. I still ask those all the time because I want to soak up info and thinking I don't have yet. I don't know what those marbles are. So you are thinking possible odd asian cat eye type. That was what I was asking. Somebody else elsewhere very recently thought a swirl might be an Asian type. I didn't understand there thinking on that one. Ric-was that your thought too?-cat variant? Ron-I really enjoy discussing new to me marbles....even more than arguing. If I can pick up something new I will try to do it-it usually involves asking questions
  10. when we say Asian, help me out, like what? Like a bizarre cat eye or something else? I don't know what they are. Are there new unusual Asian marbles? I think I may have missed something recently. I have seen several very knowledgable folks suggest Asian made marbles recently where I wouldn't have thought that at all. Are we talking new new Asian or 60s , 80s, what. Legitimate question for Ric or Ron. I might have guessed pre-1990s Vacor, but not Asian:where do those thoughts come from if you both don't mind me asking? This is just a straight up friendly question that may help me look at certain marbles better
  11. pretty sure it is a 2006 JABO. I am sorry but I don't have the time to dig them out at the moment to take some pictures. there are probably pictures of similar ones up at santasbling or WVMCC
  12. I am not sure on that original either. Let me just review some of my 2006 1" Classics in particular. If its Vitro it sure is awesome
  13. JABO Aquarius Run. These ones were the most interesting patches in that run.
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