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  1. It looks like that one is 11/2” big in the photo. If it is really that big it would likely be Vacor.
  2. Is it a peewee or 17/32”???
  3. It looks like A 2004 JABO Tropical variant and is worth low end 10 cents high end 5 dollars IMHO
  4. Its a JABO. 2005 I believe. It is named. I think these were named Bert's Berries
  5. What would the initals be? It already has JABO right on it. Did 1-800 numbers start after 1988? I thought we had them back then too when JABO was formed. 1994 would be the absolute earliest it could possibly be, but Ron's date range sounds good.
  6. One of our local toystores sold marbles out of gumball machines (until they sadly closed last year). Peewees were a dime. 5/8" were a quarter. 1" shooters were 2 quarters. They were mostly Vacors, but she always mixed in a few oddballs here and there to keep it interesting. They were my intro into the marble world as an adult.
  7. Jose-the bulk of your collection is from 2004 and 2005 if interested in that level of detail (which I imagine you are)
  8. I havent seen that bag before, but its very possible those JABOs are the original contents. There are plenty of modern marble jobbers out there
  9. There is an additional layer of fun and frustration waiting for you if you would like to try and figure out when they were all made.
  10. It appears to be a Vitro to me
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