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  1. Upper left example is a coral with a bonus nice metallic swirl
  2. so...did you sell the Vacor as an Alley Mountain Dew to somebody? Did somebody buy it for the price of an Alley Mountain Dew? I doubt somebody would pony up without knowing what it is, but am interested. What happenned with the sale?
  3. I am worried the Alley Mountain Dew is a Vacor with that white in it
  4. I believe they may be Champion
  5. I doubt anybody would be able to correctly attribute this marble to the JABO ET Crystal Run, but thats what it is. Many of the JABO patches without lutz or aventurine might be confused for old marbles.
  6. Nantucketdink


    I agree with Steph
  7. This is what I use now. They are cheap but last unless you drop them too many times. This is my second one. They are still available under 10 bucks with shipping I just saw on ebay.
  8. Blacklights are even cheaper than they used to be. Surprising. Giving these two a shot. The tube one is 10".
  9. What do folks recommend. I have tried old fashioned standard bulb size blacklight bulbs, squigley shape newer style blacklight bulbs, I had longer tube style plug in blacklight at one point, and the handheld tube style. I also tried a couple very cheap but older flashlights supposedly blacklights that basically were not. From the things I have tried the only one I have relied on is the tube handheld battery ones because of ease of use. I think I still have both kinds of screw in standard sized black light bulbs somewhere. The handheld one works for me, but if there is something folks like
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