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  1. I am one of many who used to refer to some slags as Striped Transparents just because of the pattern on the CAC and German marbles, not taking into account the additional color requirements. Someone corrected me and then I took the time to verify the definition and now try to use the correct terminology.
  2. This one I bought a few months ago looks like a match to the top left metallic. It was sold as a Champion, but I have never seen a Champion like it. Is it an Alley too, right?
  3. My fist sized Champion paperweight is just simply cool (even though Champion had them made by a different glass company). It looks like a giant marble and is rare as heck, but it looks really cool sitting on my shelf.
  4. This JABO splattered metallic is cool because, well, its a splattered metallic
  5. This Sammy's Mountain Marbles "sink'ra'te" has some of Danny Sink's ashes in it and/or on it. It is epicly cool and lets remember to show respect if we discuss it. I hope my remains will be put into marbles after I am gone.
  6. This JABO machine made "sulphide" with a bronze star in it is friggin' cool
  7. Upper left example is a coral with a bonus nice metallic swirl
  8. so...did you sell the Vacor as an Alley Mountain Dew to somebody? Did somebody buy it for the price of an Alley Mountain Dew? I doubt somebody would pony up without knowing what it is, but am interested. What happenned with the sale?
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