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  1. I believe it is a Czech bullet mold, but it is bigger than the few I have.
  2. Is the base really transparent blue like in the pics? I havent seen Euro Sparklers with tinted bases before. Maybe it is just the blue background.
  3. I hope it is clear I was saying some Champions have it. I believe some Mid Atlantics have it too. Did MK do it at all(I don't know)?
  4. I have to see if I can find pics, but I have modern marbles with lashes
  5. I have never even found a lot with a bunch of high end CACs though...so it does seem odd there would be any Vacors in the same lot
  6. or is it just a Vacor Sunflower with a typical simple fold
  7. Sure looks like a standard Vacor Dragon
  8. can we see the yellow and green in clear better? Looks unusual
  9. People go that extra mile sometimes. I can't see the original auction but have no doubt there is somebody somewhere putting fake playwear on new marbles
  10. Here is one of mine. I have more but need to take pics(and find them)
  11. ugh, that came out tiny. It is Vacor paperwork IDing the Guacamaya top left. Same marble as Dragon. Their example doesn't include the nice extra colors or other variations that can show up in marbles
  12. I believe the Guacamayas and Dragons are the same. These were just a nice early run of them. It is very possible these nice ones didn't get marketed in the USA, but they are the same marble style as the dragons.
  13. It looks like that one is 11/2” big in the photo. If it is really that big it would likely be Vacor.
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