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  1. I will be there! I missed the Vegas show! So I am really excited to make this one!
  2. coolbrezz

    Look What My Daughter Made

    That's better then a marble! Looks like a football player already! Beautiful baby boy! Congrats!
  3. coolbrezz

    Hot Fudge??

    Kinda of looks Peltier. I want to eat it!
  4. Rich, I will take pictures for you! I just emailed you. Windy
  5. coolbrezz

    Marbles At The Fort Worth Texas Show

    I think they are both Peltiers! Lets see what Mike Barton says! I will PM him!
  6. coolbrezz

    Marbles At The Fort Worth Texas Show

    I think your green one is a Peltier dug from the Peltier Factory. Here is mine, I got this from migbar he dug this at the Peltier Factory. .
  7. coolbrezz

    Vegas Reminder! Tick Tock!

    I will be there! I am getting excited to see some marbles! Ernie and Dani make this marble show a lot of fun! And I will be able to see their little guy! MisterMarbles I have done some of my best trades at this show! Some people think that you just might get a better deal at the show because it is the last day to sell or trade!
  8. coolbrezz

    Examples Of Exotics?

    Are you guys sure his is twelve? Really? You should not go behind your Grams back! Very disrespectfu!!!! I am telling!
  9. coolbrezz

    Da Ground Was Shakin....

    I just now heard about the earthquake! First thing I thought go to marble connection thinking OMG it has to be scary if your not used to them! I live in Calif. so I am use to them! My two kids and I would always run for my grandfather clock! It was are meeting place. We would say after it was starting to stop that this one was like e ticket ride at Disneyland. Pretty sick! I hope everyone is ok! My dog always warns me about 30 seconds before I feel it!
  10. Now that,s a snake! Brat!
  11. Smitty thank you for sharing! That is a really rare find!
  12. coolbrezz

    Happy B-Day Ernie

    Sorry I am late! I have been out of town working! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERNIE! Hope it was a good one!
  13. coolbrezz

    Is It Just Me?

    I would not buy any from ebay! I agree with Galen! I keep mine because it is just a little bonus when I am hunting sea glass.They are not worth anything! But it is sure fun wondering where they have been, and where I found them!
  14. coolbrezz

    Is It Just Me?

    Jill, I sea glass hunt a lot! I have found around 15 marbles in about 15 years! I went to the beach early this morning for about 1 1/2 hours. Here is the glass I found and half of a Alley marble. The second picture is all the marbles that I have found from sea glass hunting for 15 years!I have not even cleaned off the sand yet!