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  1. Tyndall, Colloids, Arsenate or Girasol? personally I'm diggin Arsenate I can come up with a number of creative definitions for that word 😈 seriously though great info everyone.
  2. Saw one at the Decatur show this week, not for sale unfortunately
  3. You can add me to the list of people needing one of these.
  4. Black with yellow not yellow with black
  5. All that I know is that they are HTF and if ever a marble deserved a name......
  6. How about furnace chunk..... How about Red AV
  7. Yes a white patch as well as a faint white ribbon on the other side. The striations are a rusty brown.
  8. Superman (men) that is, I really dig these too.
  9. Dang another Pelt to look for cool one Craig. -Scott
  10. This marble has very few surface issues, a few flea bites here and there but otherwise it has a pretty wet surface. The base glass is very seedy and striated which might look like surface issues in the pic.
  11. The transparency of the glass throws off the true in hand look of this mib, it actually looks like blue ribbons are overlaying the yellow ribbons creating the green look.
  12. Green and a kind of mustardy yellow
  13. Don't know if it's the colors or what that has me wondering about this one but I could use some confirmation. Thanks
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