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  1. I agree with Steph , the marble stands on its merits. Great AV! Four color is , I believe, still the word on parrots. And parakeets? Well, i know some people like the term and some don't. Long time Vitro collectors have id'd parrots as small as 5/8ths.
  2. I sure don't. I wish I had made a list when I saw them for sale
  3. flyball

    Leaf Bug

    Yep , green katydid. They make beautiful bug music in the evening:)
  4. This is wonderful info! Thanks Ann!
  5. That is the box graphics I saw in George's binder of photos. Thanks Steph!
  6. flyball

    This One

    I could be way off but I am thinking Vitro as well. There is two pretty straight seams , older looking syrupy glass , Vitro orange thin lines and bright white. ??
  7. No prob Steph. I had the opportunity to look through George's binders and saw a very unusual Peltier add for --- if I remember correctly -- Peltier "Smilies" . It was a green box with yellow marbles pictured on the face. Anyone know anything about these? I never saw this before and am quite curious..... THX!
  8. I only have one.... of some great looking Vitro packaging...
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