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  1. dannyboy

    Pt. 2

    Looks like it wanted to be a lutz onionskin. Might have to come up with a new name/category. It's a beauty !!!
  2. There doesn't have to be two seams/cut lines. This is what I was thinking of;
  3. Some CAC traits: clarity of glass, brightness of colors, being slightly out of round, the "ear" (first pic, the orange) and the cut line (last pic, left side, about 9 o'clock?). Appears it has them all, I just can't be sure about the cut line.
  4. 1st two: Marble King (blended Green Hornet?) and Alley ?
  5. I would like to see the pontils. May have been polished. If not, looks like a decent marble to me. But then, I'm more of a handmade person.
  6. 2nd pic, naked solid core and two onionskins.
  7. looks like a nice corn husk you have there. hard to find marble.
  8. dannyboy

    Old swirl

    Few examples of cut/shear marks. pinch, pinpoint, crease. (and keep asking questions, lots of questions. we all have and still are)
  9. There are 3 types of pontils, ground, regular, and melted.
  10. Pontils on top and cut/shear marks on bottom.
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