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  1. Trying to get the gentleman to take better pics, but he is new to it. The other images are blurry but the lines all curve and dip I am still on peltier. He seems to have pelts mostly
  2. It's a kokomo I thought someone would bust me on calling it a peltier
  3. Yah, Imperial hands down. AV in green and black ? Gotta be a hard one to find
  4. I think I sold you one and then I had Dave Becker give you one
  5. Have a red and a yellow Not familiar with these
  6. I have only had white and blue Caligraphy marbles before. Most have those tell-tale hooks This one seems to have very few but the majority of the marble is flame...Flame on 1 side, flame on the other
  7. I think it is modern. The detail is through the roof It is sharp
  8. My statement was fact, everyone else is assuming. There are no true black glass marbles from the inception till AT LEAST as early as 1936 and that is still not even worth considering due to the processes used to make black glass. I know, I am the new guy, but I know my math and i know my science. Buy a cheap 20.00 spectrascope, smash some marbles from the era, cheapies ...or not It will not change my view either way. True black glass did not exist until the late 1800's. Duran was built around that discovery. That formula was shared with Corning. The formula was patented in 1931. You guys know how those old machines work, how many ran on pure oxygen with a nitros mix ? Thats what you would need to make black glass, actually black. It's not like agates and sugar, it takes a specific mix of silica,boron,etc and specific thermal reactions. Anyway I am going to leave the topic, it's a chase your tale thing now I edited the listing to make sure no one felt I was being misleading. I am going to get off my butt and get those images up. The macro lens doesn;t lie I hope everyone's thanks giving goes well. I am wiped out already from shopping and cleaning and tomorrow is hours upon hours of pie making and precooking a few items as well as soooo much nit pick scrubbing.....I do all the cooking, but the wife does all of the bitching Night all
  9. I have one of these as well. It's in perfect shape. glass is so clear. I was closer to akro than pelt and I finally tossed it in a pile as the glass looked all wrong for Akro. It is not peltier for sure.
  10. Yah, but again, we are talking marbles, not corning. Patents mattered then, unlike now. I understand you all wish to convince me there is real black glass in those marbles,but that is just not the fact of the matter. I altered my listing so as not to cause distress.
  11. I will find it. I keep finding the ones with 6. I got too many marbles and too few places to put them. bags and jars all over, desk is full, drawers are full....I try to rely on photos and memory...and that works out well...
  12. That's crazy Looks like an MK until you lit it up
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peltier-Ruby-something-M-5-8-/331392790443?pt=Marbles&hash=item4d288cafab The images just will not take. I have not seen a sunset like this before. The ribbon is white, normal. The red fills the upper left and lower right quarters of the marble, from the ribbon up and the ribbon down. Is this unusual or some other type of animal ? Most of the collection I purchased for the Akros, had a LOT of pelts and I am dumping the pelts on the bay, ergo most of what is up is pelt and the reasons behind my questioning. I know there are so many higher end pelts that have small variances to common pelts...and i know marble people will hoard information to try and "snag" a valued item for pennies, which again is why I ask these questions on pelts. I want to make as much as I can so I have more to spend on what I DO collect
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