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  1. Here is another one. Some of these can be mistaken for supermans
  2. Yes 1/2 million lol. Some people have said I've lost my marbles. I just say ive got all mine and most of yours too. Ha ha ha 😂 ill post a pick soon to show you what 500,000 looks like
  3. I found this in a marble guide that discibes the top row as Turkeys
  4. I can feel the crease in the marble, just curious who makes these.
  5. Hi everyone..... Im new to the marble connection. I've been collecting marbles now for the last 18 years and im currently going for the biggest collection in western Canada. Sitting on 500,000+ i have a few interesting ones to say the least. I still come across many i have never seen before and have no idea what they are. So i will leave it up to you... the experts, to help me identify these fasciating little treasures 😁
  6. Bought this at an antique store along with some others of the same color scheme but different sizes. Not quite sure which ones are old and which are new if any... 3rd shot is a pic of all 4. 2nd from the right is the first two pics and the most interesting i find. Sizes Left to right is 3/4", 5/8", 11/16", 9/16"
  7. Hi everyone..... new to the marble connection. I've been collecting marbles now for the past 18 years and I'm currently going for the biggest collection in western Canada. Favorites are german swirles and machine made hybrids.
  8. This one is 7/8". Would you call this a Mf Christensen. It vaguely represents a 9... i dont know
  9. I sometimes find it hard to decipher the differance between the Akro, Peltier and Mf slags. I understand the prominent '9' in the Mf's, but what if its not so defined.... what are the obvious differences to tell these 3 manufactures apart ?
  10. Thanks for your help. These storys are so interesting, yet sad because the factory site had been covered up by new development. Happy to hear some marbles were found there for positive identification. I feel so privileged to have a wonderful example in my collection 😊
  11. I found this one mixed in with a bunch german swirls and mf slages. Im assuming its old as well. Its 1" in size and the outside is not round by any means. I was leaning towards European wire pull, but im not sure. I have more pics from different angles if needed. Any thoughts ?
  12. The curvatures of the lines definatly look like indian. Are there transparent indians ? Ive only seen opaque...
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