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  1. Received mine. Awesome. Thanks again for making these available!
  2. I will take lot 10. Thanks for making these available!
  3. Bo I am going to guess Ravenswood. Love the colors. Kevin
  4. and more.... That's it. I missed some great Pelts that were brought - will get more next time.
  5. Some more pics of marbles present - and I missed so many.
  6. Here are some Alox Shooters - these really got our attention.
  7. I had one job .... take pictures of everyone. I failed on the people level (dang camera and lighting) but I did get some pictures of the marbles. Sami - thanks again for setting up the meeting. The back of a pool hall just kind of felt right. We had a good turn out I know will miss a few names but here goes: Sami, Galen, Leo, Bill Bass, Mike Johnson, Mike from San Jose, Bo (Marboman) and Judy, Dick and his wife, Chuck, myself. My apologies if I missed anyone, Sami can correct that. As usual Mike Johnson brought something to educate us all - Alox marbles. After seeing the mix of Alox marbles it definitely helped me with a few swirls I needed to ID. I may have to do this in multiple uploads - fingers crossed it works. Let's start with the Alox first.
  8. I had the privilege of first meeting Clyde back in early 2013. I had just started collecting marbles in late 2012 and when we met he immediately made me feel a part of the marble community and focused on educating me and finding out what I liked to collect. From that point forward every time I saw him (which was not enough) he had set aside marbles for me to look at and learn from, marbles he wanted to give me, and marbles he wanted to sell me (always at a bargain). One of my favorite memories was running into Clyde at the local monthly Antique Fair and introducing him to my wife. I also had to explain to my wife that the chances of us finding any good marbles at the Fair that day they were probably gone since Clyde beat us there. But as usual Clyde pointed me to a couple vendors where he said I might find some interesting marbles. I was just out there a couple of weeks ago and kept looking for him to come zooming around the corner. I think I will keep looking for him. Thank you Clyde for helping me to love this hobby and being such a wonderful person. I will miss you.
  9. Hey Gregor. Good to see you over here!
  10. Excellent. I am driving up Thursday. See ya there.
  11. Zaboo we might have met. I was only there on show day wondering around and buying. Tried to meet as many people as possible. Were you set up at a table? I should be there again this year. Looks like I will make it to the Orange County show next week. Will you be at that one?
  12. Wow. Did not know I had so many experimentals at home! What if they really believe their own bull - is that scarier than flat out lying?
  13. Wow. Can't wait to see that one in person- so bring it to the next get together. Kevin
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