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  1. When I took photos of the marble there were a few that showed a short line of additional glare. I've taken 1000s of marble photos and when something like a little extra glare shows, I know that it's time to look again. The buffed portion of the marble is quite small in ratio to the entire surface, but I think it was buffed for a moment and someone changed their mind. EDIT: I just noticed that the second photo and the 2nd to last photo show the extra glare. Marbles with an original surface don't do that. Have a great night. James P.S. Yes, I will be selling this, unf
  2. OK. Now the white stripes make sense. It is quite a beauty to hold. Thanks for helping a guy out! I can never know what might be in the next box of my Dad''s collection. He had them pretty well organized and then my Mom put them in boxes. She didn't mix them together out of spite or anything. She loved my Dad and still does very much. She just wanted her basement sewing room back! 😅
  3. ...I mean you can say JABO if you'd like but look at the photos first. I just about dropped to my knees when I found this in my Dad's collection. It grades near mint minus, but the dang thing is 15/16"!!! It looks like a few spots were buffed and most of the surface area of the marble were left alone. And the last photo... I didn't think CAC used oxblood. What do all of you think? Good morning, rockgardenplants
  4. @wvronsThe colors aren't "popping" out either. My guess is a newer foreign. I suppose I was hoping, hoping, hoping! As I go through my Dad's collection, I am finding marbles that stump me. Nothing new there.. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Could I get a hint as to which company made this marbler? Thanks!
  6. Those gauges are really amazing! It's incredible that it made it into the 21st century! Nice little display, too.
  7. @Steph Well, you answered my question! I didn't think of those little fingers using much smaller marbles than 3/4" for shooters. When I was a "Den Mother" (hahahahahaha) the Cub Scouts could earn a metal clip-type accomplishment award to put on their belts. I'll bet you can guess which award they earned first... Yep! MARBLES!
  8. I have one negative feedback in the last year. The buyer was really upset claiming that I doctored the photos, sent the wrong marbles etc... I even sent a few additional marbles to see if we could work things out that way but I still got a Negative from the buyer. I have had great transactions with 99.9% of my buyers but there's always the opportunity for someone to mess with my auctions. I know that I don't receive feedback from all of my buyers even though I leave positive feedback for all of my buyers. We'll see what happens when the auction is finished! Oh, the suspense!
  9. Yep. I think I'll put a statement in my auctions that bidders need to have at least 10 positive feedback. I've seen it before. Thanks for your input.
  10. Wow! Those colorized photos are really sweet! The second one from the top is a favorite. Just a few kids in a rural neighborhood playing for keeps! I'd love to see the mibs that they are playing with. Thanks for sharing. Kind Regards, rockgardenplants
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