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    I love contemporary vortex marbles, small plants from alpine and desert areas, and so much more...

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  1. I bit a pink Bennington once thinking it was bubble gum.
  2. Hey, a win is a win! And a Wiger is a Wiger!
  3. What is known about the speckled clays? I have a small collection of them and haven't been able to find details about them. Age? Maker?
  4. If anyone has a marble addiction, KEEP IT GOING! If you give it up, that's when you go koo-koo! Here's what you may receive: a straight jacket, a rubber room and a single pee-wee clearie. No marble books, either. That would be a sad life.
  5. Here is one of two Wigers that I have. This one is listed on ebay right now (ending Wednesday, May 12). In hand, it looks wet mint. The photographs changed my mind on that grade. It's pretty easy to see that there is "pocketwear". Since my wife was "retired" after 36 years with one company, we're coming to the point when some marbles and other items need to be liquidated. Surely, this is a thread that I have marked! I love the rare NLRs! Does anyone else like the "Broken Corkscrew" NLRs? Peace!
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164736834982 This one is certainly not the rarest, yet they are difficult to find. 63/64" and wet mint.
  7. yeah, I meant that the white translucent. Yeah, right. Truly it is translucent.
  8. All of these are mint... Crazy!!!
  9. Good morning all, I've been collecting Ferguson marbles simply because they "speak" to me. It must be that I hatched from an alien egg. Enjoy!
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