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  1. Wow... This one is really neat! There are 5 colors. 19/32" Thanks! rockgardenplants
  2. "Is the decoration on your marbles only on the surface, or is the color incorporated into the body of the marble?" Beautiful outside and beautiful inside. Yes, there are color patterns on the inside. The marble in the middle of both photos has much of the surface area chipped away.
  3. I remember quite sometime ago a discussion on these Vitros. Are these nicknamed "Bubble Gum"? They measure about 3/4".
  4. Anyone know which manufacturer made this amazing marble? Let me know, please! Thanks! rockgardenplants
  5. I have several of these. It's taken quite awhile to put these five together. Lemme know! Thanks!
  6. The smaller one (19/32") is a 4 color Rainbo. The larger one (21/32") has 4 colors also. Does the larger one have a nickname? Would it be considered an NLR? Possibly a Vitro? Thanks for any help! rockgardenplants
  7. I'm about to sell this gorgeous contemporary and I'd like to know whose initials these are: (last photo) MH or MHD or MDH with 2008 below the initials. If anyone can help pout, that would be great! Kind Regards, rockgardenplants
  8. Would this be an Alley due to the white filament swirl and the bits of "oven brick"? It has a regular "9" (seen easily in the 2nd photo).
  9. @wvrons What characteristics of the marble show Champion?
  10. @wvrons That is truly interesting info on the making of handmades, especially that children were making them! Kind Regards, James
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