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    I love contemporary vortex marbles, small plants from alpine and desert areas, and so much more...

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  1. rockgardenplants

    Alley Agate Jolly Green Giant ending tonight (12-17-2018)

    Full of aventurine, indeed!!! Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure that this is an Alley Agate "Jolly Green Giant" and it ends this evening on ebay. 27/32", NM+. Jolly Green Giant
  3. rockgardenplants

    Is this Akro or Christensen?

  4. rockgardenplants

    Is this Akro or Christensen?

    Greetings All, This marble has an excellent seam (Christensen) and long "lashes" (Akro). It certainly doesn't "corkscrew". The fourth photo shows the red going back into the marble. Regards, Confused
  5. I came across a bag of marbles with the colors of ivory-yellow, light blue, lavender, green, orange-red and a few others that are transparent with the same swirls on the outside... that swirly-syrupy look. I was reading in "Collecting Early Machine-made Marbles" (Robert S. Block) that the lavender was a run of only 45,000. Is this the real deal?
  6. This is me! I love machine made NLR Peltier, opaque Ravenswood, and flamed Alleys. Contemporary handmades are fun, too!
  7. Over 2000+ Mibs On Ebay in 18 Lots Take a look and good luck!
  8. rockgardenplants

    25 auctions on ebay

    ebay auctions A 9.8 grade Vitro Parrot, Ravenswood marbles, Champion, Christensen, Pee Wee Master Marble, Lutz etc...
  9. rockgardenplants

    "Good" solids

    For the past year or so I've checking the solids. Good fun and surprises.
  10. Greetings, "This is me." - Kim Luck, M*A*S*H episode I've been collecting and selling marbles for about 12 years. My fun and joy come from machine mades, especially Vitros, handpicked flames from any manufacturer as well as a few contemporary made marbles.
  11. rockgardenplants

    So, I haven't been checking in for months, but now...

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=371559982998&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_ssn=orange_orbital&_sop=1 orange_orbital Kind Regards, James
  12. ...is definitely the time. My Father (gremlin***) passed away in June 2015 and I inherited everything that he had in his working area in finished basement. I have been going through many boxes of marbles and also helping my Mom with items in the house. So, the situation is clear: I will be selling a majority of his collection. There is a drop in the bucket on eBay right now if you care to take a look. Thank you for your time. James
  13. rockgardenplants

    Post A Marble With A Name

    Ahhh... love this one!
  14. rockgardenplants

    Gremlin*** Of Ebay

    Greetings Everyone, My Dad will be passing on very soon, perhaps today, yet certainly within 7 - 10 days. He has brain cancer as well as cancer in several other organs. He had surgery on May 12, 2015 and then entered a rehab unit. However, within two weeks we brought him home after a post operative MRI showed that the cancer had spread like a web through much of his body. He is at the "morphine stage" of home and Hospice care and having "petit mal seizures". He is at peace with what is to come. My dear Mother is the person who struggles the most at the current time. I have access to his Ebay account and it appears as though all transactions were completed a full month before his first doctor visit on May 10, 2015. I know that he did his best on Ebay and if any of you had an auction win from him, thank you. We had many wonderful discussions about marbles and other vintage toys. His eyes would light up like a little boy as we talked about this and many other things. Warm Regards, James