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  1. @Steph Are the blue / ivory (UV glow) marbles Vitro? Do they have a nickname? As for the Aqua Jewels, I found 10 for $4 each! And, yes, the bags are crisp and clean. The only drawback is that the seller at the antique store put the price on with tape on top of the header card... Ugh!
  2. Wow! I haven't had a find like this for quite awhile. Just gotta keep looking!
  3. @wvrons So, how can I tell if this is one of the 99% or the 1%?
  4. I will add some more info... On each of the poles, the typical Master Marble "seams" with "eye lashes" are easily visible. Then again I can see similar "seams" at the poles in the photo Steph has above this reply. Steph, are there "eye lashes" at the poles on the Vacor Sunsets? Sheesh... what's a person to do? Not jumping to an ID is certainly one of the things I need to do. Thanks for the info. G'night everyone!
  5. It was a bit difficult to capture the gold aventurine in this Master Marble. A bright flashlight, sunlight, long exposures etc... all had their various amounts of success. Holding it in hand... Wow! Brilliance!
  6. I have had this mesh bag for quite some time. It's in fabulous condition. There are three different marble types in the bag. Most have a transparent base with white swirls on the surface and then dive into the marble. There are three that have an opaque base and, of course, there just had to be a yellow catseye in the bag These look like Playrite, or Alox to me. Any info on these would be great. Yes, this is listed on eBay.
  7. So, I was at a thrift store and found this beautiful Peltier NLR Golden Rebel 😋 volleyball. My caliper is way too small to measure this one Merry Christmas Everyone!
  8. @Shamrock Marbles I checked the YouTube and quite a few enameling glass videos. After watching a few of the techniques, it makes total sense. There are only a few ways to get the result on the marbles that I have and the videos each have a slightly different technique. Thanks for the info! rockgardenplants
  9. Marbles on auction block There are some decent marbles listed... A lavender melted pontil Navarre Transitional is in the mix, too. I think that's what the marble is called. If it needs to be corrected let me know. Peace, orange_orbital
  10. There is no glowing on any of these mibs under a black light.
  11. Wow... This one is really neat! There are 5 colors. 19/32" Thanks! rockgardenplants
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