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  1. I found a huge dump... huge as in the city dump from the 1820s to 1920s. It covers many many acres and you can fill semi trucks with the bottles there. I haven't dug it in over 10 years but there are tons of bottles like these. If the market ever gets good for these old bottles, I'll have to visit it more often. I used to go with a big frame hiking pack and a shovel and axe. I had so many bottles but gave most away after getting tired of being surrounded by so many old bottles. We found some straight sided coke bottles too, glass insulators, opium bottles, poison bottles, a hutchinson or two, old fruit jars, etc...
  2. Bumping to the top with a couple more of my best. Alley:
  3. Correct, all Vitros. The purple/white/blue ones are a little harder to find.
  4. Thank you! Another of my best. Unfortunately it has a fracture but it doesn't in these pics. I don't know when or how it happened. Just appeared one day.
  5. Nice volcano in those Heatons Mojo. Nice Alleys Marboman.
  6. A recent find. A bunch of St. Mary's Alleys that all stayed together through all the years. A group pic and then shots of all the different types separated into groups. Common marbles but I like to find them this way.
  7. New old stock was available for sale at the Museum of American glass in West Virginia at one time. I think they were 14 bucks or something like that. Not sure if they still are.
  8. Yeah Ric, my camera fails miserably when yellow is involved. I don't know why. It throws the color balance way off, these aren't true to color. I can get a little better results doing one marble at a time but still have problems. Here is a better representation of the colors. Thanks Gladys!
  9. Funny, I just took a pic of this box a few nights ago before putting them away. Two types in the box I think. I've been calling the bright red/yellow ones hot wheels and leaving the darker ones like the one in the bottom right corner with the pumpkin designation.
  10. Great pics! Nice to put a face to the name Ric! Love the dug marbles! One more pic for the thread
  11. No, it has no name that I know of.
  12. Good description Ric. Also in the top left you see a "fern" pattern, which normally indicates Alley.
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