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  1. You guys will never forget that. What fun it had to have been. I will never forget the Heaton digs. Wish I could have dug with you too Bill. We would have gotten along well . Great experiences with great people, who could ask for more? Well, you could ask for marbles I guess. I'm fortunate to have some of the loot from that Alley dig (many thanks Ron!). Maybe somewhere someday another dig will happen. Until then, I will be jonesing for it.
  2. Pel teer Jay bow Vit row Kay row And some say the individual letter for C. A. C. and a few of us just say it as a word like Kak.
  3. Just do your thing, everything has some new meaning these days but this is about marbles. Marble on!
  4. Hello and welcome Gina! I cringed to hear what you've got invested in these marbles. I see mostly common stuff and some newer marbles, i don't think I see one Christensen in the bunch. I felt the need to comment and suggest that you step back and learn before you put out any money. Ebay is full of misidentified marbles and vultures looking to take your money. Just as you wouldn't jump in and start buying all sorts of stocks without learning what you are doing first, you want to learn what you are investing in and what is a good deal and what isn't. If those marbles in the group shots are
  5. cheese


    I agree with vacor for the Yellow one. Probably not Heaton on the other two either but more pics could change that.
  6. I was at a show and a guy had a super rare huge sulphide with a bat with widespread wings (think the batman symbol) and while at the show, it fractured. No pics, but that one nice German cleaved down the middle reminded me of it.
  7. I have several (I think 9) around 7/8" to an inch or so as well. They are nice marbles and even nicer when they are big
  8. Vitro Cosmic Rainbows. Nice!
  9. cheese


    That's where I'd have it but there are others with more transitional expertise than myself.
  10. Good example of the variation in the bag contents Ric, Tommy, this is what I was talking about, the bag on the left has some of the more sought after marbles in it and is worth more because of them.
  11. Peltier on both IMO.
  12. cheese


    I'm seeing a rare Alley on the right. Here is one from Nola Morgan's Alleys. I took photos because I wanted to record this color combo. Roughly the same size too, judging by the pics.
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