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  1. Was sorting files and photos and ran across a purple drizzle, so here it is
  2. Pelts don't usually show drizzle but this PPP has it's share.
  3. I'll exhume this thread with a representation of Masters
  4. Me neither. Note the circular cold rolls on the red ones... seems to be a somewhat common trait on Kokomos. The size too... around 9/16".
  5. A small group I found together:
  6. Not any collector name that I know of, I guess it's a snakeskin metallic helmet.
  7. Some more non typicals
  8. cheese

    Help ID 21

    Looks like an Alley to me.
  9. cheese

    ID Help

    1-Jabo, 2- Vacor, 3-Vacor.
  10. Another interesting one:
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