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  1. It's an old name, I'm not trying to introduce a new name, I didn't name it. It's been called a split pea soup to some collectors for a long time too. Can't help that you haven't heard of it. Congrats on your first post here.
  2. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Akro

    Not sure if the Akro Leopard has been pictured in this thread or not, but here's one.
  3. Thanks, It's called a Tank. Never seen a box of bananas like that! Cool.
  4. I'll add a few more
  5. Haha, yes, sometimes! I used to use that phrase all the time knowing what it implied but now that I've taken up blacksmithing, it's more fun to say
  6. I haven't been bored in years. I've got too many irons in the fire, never a dull moment.
  7. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    No danger of that Paul, you've got the big guns! Super amazing alleys!
  8. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    Thanks! Very reactive
  9. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    A couple of heavy hitters for Master:
  10. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Peltier

    Thanks, I believe that one would be a tootsie roll.
  11. cheese

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    Thanks Steph, one more...