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  1. I agree, JABO, JABO, Alley, Vacor, JABO.
  2. Agreed, the wirepulls alone are worth more than that for sure! The cork I agree is not Akro, it's a transitional.
  3. Lol posted at the same time Josh!
  4. Vitro and Peltier made patch and ribbon types of marbles, this is a swirl type, so you can pretty much eliminate those makers although Peltier did make some swirls back in the 30s that are usually pretty distinct. At that size I would suspect JABO and Alley. I don't see any strong Alley traits, I guess I'd go with JABO.
  5. Knowing your location is in the Netherlands would help over here. The first one IMO is a Japanese figure 8. The rest I lose track.
  6. Maybe a wonky foreign transitional?
  7. Impressive on the Heaton call Chad, you got it. I would guess Alox on the amber clear swirl but tough to say with certainty.
  8. I agree with Peltier. Nice one!
  9. X2 but looking at those seams it shows just how similar they can be.
  10. Yeah MK would be my call too.
  11. I'm seeing a strandy green cateye.
  12. Did you send an email to AAM via contact us? If so, send another to me personally or PM me with the information. Chad is the administrator and I know at the moment he is stretched thin and will be for a few weeks at least with the launch of a new enterprise and he may or may not respond as timely as I can. A lot of the old login names that were created in the system with no subsequent activity on the forum afterwards were erased if they were old enough. I guess they were spam bots and possibly failed attempts to join or log in. You might have to create a new account now with the new software b
  13. I agree with modern. Modern MK IMO.
  14. Dang, nice one! I'd say Sistersville Alley.
  15. Steph, AAM has been upgraded and all Kevin's old traps and hidden glitch stuff has been erased. You are welcome there with open arms, it took the hiring of a professional to get the site debugged from him. The last of him is gone and he is not a member nor is he allowed on the site. What was done nearly a decade ago is under the bridge and AAM now is a totally different place. Different look, and I and my wife and Scott LeGrande are moderators, Chad Kline is the site owner. Many who are regulars here are also regulars there. We should be one big family, no hard feelings and cliques. I send peo
  16. I realize I made it sound like the black and white one is a type of halloween. I don't mean to imply that, but more that it is likely closely related. It's a different black than the inkys and the like, different pattern too. I think they were run in close succession. Probably the contents of one of those boxes Ron, I agree.
  17. Ok, so we know the orange and black Alley Halloween. Not common. Then there's the orange, black, and white model... many of us know that one too. But did you know there are other members of the family? There is a previously unknown orange, red, and black, and a black and white also. These are all part of the same find. The orange, white, and black type just sold on ebay for over $200 and is probably as rare as the Carnival. The orange, red, and black is even more rare. So far, these in the following photos are the only known examples. Check these out, all found together, part of the same find
  18. I'm seeing aventurine and JABOs. I'm betting they are around 3/4" too. Out of round also goes along with that. Definitely not Leightons.
  19. Nice ones Ric! A nice Cosmic Rainbow shooter
  20. Akro prizename or weak special on the first, a nice Alley on the second.
  21. Tough one. I don't think it's a Heaton. What size is it? Pattern is Ravenswood-esque but not enough to commit.
  22. I agree, Imperial.
  23. Got to find some alligator eyes one of these days Nice
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