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  1. Another interesting one:
  2. Here's another recent find. About 11/16". At least 4 colors, can't tell if that's blue AND green or just one. In hand, it looks green. In the photo, it looks blue with some brown laying over it. My camera does poorly with yellows for some reason.
  3. It's an old name, I'm not trying to introduce a new name, I didn't name it. It's been called a split pea soup to some collectors for a long time too. Can't help that you haven't heard of it. Congrats on your first post here.
  4. Not sure if the Akro Leopard has been pictured in this thread or not, but here's one.
  5. Thanks, It's called a Tank. Never seen a box of bananas like that! Cool.
  6. Haha, yes, sometimes! I used to use that phrase all the time knowing what it implied but now that I've taken up blacksmithing, it's more fun to say
  7. I haven't been bored in years. I've got too many irons in the fire, never a dull moment.
  8. No danger of that Paul, you've got the big guns! Super amazing alleys!
  9. A couple of heavy hitters for Master:
  10. Thanks, I believe that one would be a tootsie roll.
  11. Here's another neat one from that lot, also looks dug. There were some mibs with bits of oven brick and several DIs too.
  12. Yeah, if it wasn't in the lot of MKs with similar colors and av (and I think all of them were dug), I might have had a hard time figuring it out, but still I can see MK in it. This one looks dug too.
  13. A few new alleys to my collection:
  14. No doubt! Here's an interesting one with lots of AV and a swirl pattern. Never seen another one like it.
  15. I'm guessing it's some kind of soot from burn-off of contaminates or something like that in the tank. I melted a marble with an oxy-acetylene torch once and it changed the color and gave it that metallic look too. Impurities I guess.
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