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  1. I never saw this before, it's in my collection Does anybody see this before? A JC marble with a Latt. core inside. The core has at least 4 differnet colours (maby 5 or 6 but hard to see) 20 mm NM
  2. Hi Ther, I found this small box with 4 of 1/2 inch Japanese transitional marbles inside from Codeg. Size = 6,2 x 1,5 cm II want to share it with all of you
  3. The rest of my opaques (one is more trans.) and a few are more swirly then stripd
  4. Yes, It can take some time but i will Yes but It can take soms time. Bush now
  5. Hi. In have about 15 opaque ones now. Buy the ones i poster are the best ones.
  6. Germanmade striped opaque 2 seam marbles ca 1920
  7. HI HI In 2018 i'm focused on the Early German striped 2 - seam marbles Here 2 very nice ones, dia ca. 23,5 mm I like the colours
  8. I have four of them by the way
  9. Thanx There where a lot of WV swirls in the same lot
  10. See pictures of these 2 marbles Clear base witch brown white patch
  11. eggie


    I bought a bag of marbles and most are WV swirls, Vitro's and handmades Bought in The Netherlands but a lot of USA marbles in it. This marble = ca. 15,7 mm A band in the middle like peltier What is it and how old?
  12. Hi, I'M puck and i love marble games.. roll rolll them please
  13. Ehat is this It is 25,2 mm With an orange flame on dark shadow and a cut of mark / pontil ??? Opaque marble
  14. Size = 14,6mm = 0,58 inch Corkscrew, must bij akro but what for type?
  15. Hmmm.... thats pretty good, it's hard for me to find old marbles there but maby you know the right shops
  16. I know people who have Japanese transitionals back to 1922 (from old people). Some believe that they were made from 1915.
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