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  1. Species of evergreen. Comes in a lot of different sizes, shrubs.
  2. Besides marbles I collect tops and anything my wife says we collect. Lol
  3. Over the years I've seen a pear and a pineapple and the most common, a ball (cannon?)
  4. Hoody is correct . Weighs about 10lbs . Marble is 1 1/4"
  5. The object is a hand forged 18 th century gate weight. Predecessor to the modern door closers. They made them in a variety of shapes,this one is probably Pennsylvania Dutch .
  6. Sorry couldn't get back til now. Mainly people, animals maybe.
  7. Really imaginative , but not correct.
  8. Can anyone guess the purpose of this heart?
  9. I saw a privacy fence with hundreds of marbles set in the wood. It was spectacular sun lit.
  10. Les Jones acquired lot no. 753 from myself. It wasn't for sale,but Les pestered me for months and won out. I really miss Les Jones .
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