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  1. Sooo...this is the WebMD thread for mibochondriacs...I'm pretty sure I have a couple on here.
  2. I think these are either dug MFC or Akro because of the faint traily patterns (discarded defects?) and a very slight abalone sheen. It looks like it could be oxblood, but honestly I just learned how to tell oxblood from dark red on the EXTERIOR of a marble. (at the Clarksburg show - thank you WVRONS) And they were dirty.
  3. 13/16" & 11/16". Any thoughts?
  4. he5972


    That's it! Thank you Jenn
  5. he5972


    Right? Maybe the color was an afterthought - and then decided not.
  6. he5972


    This one is 23/32" - no glow.
  7. I keep resizing the pictures too small and they look distorted when stretched. Of course I didn't choose "save as" - haha! Getting it up now. Only a small filament deep inside glows.
  8. he5972


    11/16" I think that's a dark green stripe, but it could be grey or dk brown/purple. The seams are ( ( or ) ) if you turn it the other way
  9. Really pretty teal color underneath...21/32"
  10. Right?!? I've reread this thread like 4 times now and it gets funnier and funnier when you insert the characters voices. This thread almost reads like an episode. Just needs some lame innuendo like "My mom is having mine polished right now." & some innocent borderline metro references, "Since I have mine professionally polished I've noticed they weight less." Sorry for the hijack, I'm not smart enough to add anything meaningful to this conversation!
  11. I think the topic of this thread should be renamed as "The Shiny Ball Density Variation".
  12. I bought this at a resale/thrift store close to my house in SW PA. It was tagged $8.00. The lady said she couldn't in her "right mind" charge me $8 for a "chunk of broken glass" so she rang it up as a quarter. It had been in the store for about 2 weeks. That's all I know. It is kind of cool looking - like a sea bluey green in some places.
  13. It's a big chunk of something...6 x 3 x 3ish", 2.5lbs
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