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  1. Hi, Just wanted to plant a seed that there is a new marble show in the planning phase. It will be in Dayton, OH, named 'The Gem City Marble Show'. It will likely be September, 2021.
  2. I saw a marble for sale with Lucite in description. Lucite is a version of acrylic. The marble looked interesting and old, maybe just yellowed and weathered though. It just got me wondering if they ever had a "hey-day" for any amount of time. Shortly after that I saw new acrylic marbles advertised, so, maybe that answers my question. I'm guessing someone out in all of marble world collects acrylic marbles. Here's the link to the Alan Sherman song...I had to look it up and listen, it's fun. Title is 'Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue'. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=h1zIToPr59M&a
  3. Hi, I am looking for information regarding approximate age of Lucite marbles, and any other interesting info you might have to share about them. Thank you, Sara
  4. All Brick's were dug, correct? Would explain beater condition perhaps? I've seen Akro Bricks and MFC Bricks, that's all I know.....
  5. I echo I'llhavethat1 about "odd to see a couple nice German" in that mix of marbles. There are some nice Vacor examples there. I think the marble in question is a new Asian type. I have similar that are hand-painted with very nice details at were at an even better price. Pretty marbles do not have to be expensive.
  6. Oh I love those orange and blues and great extra accents and lashes.
  7. Steph, I remember even asking, or at least thought, about the Akro page you shared, "where are Specials?". You answered my questions now. I also have wondered "where are Perfections?" but don't want to muddy the waters here. Unless they are on a different Akro catalogue page? Just muddied...... I will move my non-white base single color corks into my Prize organizer. Thank for that too.
  8. Chad, I guess I took a photo of some of my "special" Prize names......I could have just posted ones with no outlines/shading, but, hey, we learned something! Thank you Stephanie for weighing in.
  9. Thank you Bruce. Nice group photo. Question: so gray base is considered a non-white base Prize name? Looking at the blue/gray to left of red/blue. And yes, I too love opaque corks the best of all. Sara
  10. Kelly Schmidt doesn't always sign his work. Boo. But, when he does, it's very, very faint KS etched in the glass on a pole, I've looked 2 or 3 times before until I got just the right light angle to find it before.
  11. Wow Al Oregon! Such beauties and great photos. So, there are 2 I don't have from yours: blue/red, and blue/black (if that is black?) first photo, 2nd row from the bottom, same row as blue/red. This is what I'm looking for!! Thank you.
  12. Sometimes I use one, sometimes the other. I think I use structure when I'm trying to talk about pattern (flip-flop, ribbons, swirls, etc.) and use construction when I'm talking about things like wispiness, moss, that sort of thing. No biggie, splitting hairs.
  13. Interesting that it was mistaken. My rule would fit if I saw it for the first time cause the ribbon placement sure doesn't look Pelt to me. (now a Pelt with similar construction will show up, 😏). Quick burning question: do you interchange construction and structure when describing marble characteristics?
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