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  1. In 1952-3, I would occasionally put a penny into a marble machine, but I don't recall ever seeing the word MARBLES or any other writing on the glass. This was in Toronto, Canada.
  2. I would be very much surprised if there was any oxblood on this marble.
  3. Sunbursts mostly cover the entire marble surface, which these do not. Could they be foreign, possibly French? They made similar marbles in the 1960's, it seems.
  4. I am far removed from Pelt-knowledgeable, but I have a question. This marble is very colorful but does not have the classic Peltier ribbon construction, or the design of a peltier multi-color. The design reminds me of Vitro Elites and the colors and ribbons of a Vacor Hurricane. I admit I could be way off base, but why would this marble be called a Peltier? I certainly have never seen one like this.
  5. I don't save Jabo photos, but I seem to recall a "Crystal" run by Jabo that looked very much like Rvenswoods or Champions. I agree these are not very valuable, but it struck me that similar marbles could be made. I surmised that it wouldnt be long before other runs were similar to vintage marbles. If I'm mistaken here, I apologize.
  6. I must agree with Galen's opinion and any repetition of it. Is it not sensible to repeat a warning if you sincerely believe that a storm is coming, and that it could be problematic?
  7. Generally speaking, I tend to agree with those having second thoughts on these runs. How long is this to continue? Have the makers not pretty well covered all the possibilities? I notice that some of these runs are now for sale on Ebay for 10 cents each. Is it possible we have milked this idea down to the point where the value of the marble is less than the cost of production? If so, perhaps reason will soon prevail.
  8. Very close to a Champion 3 color swirl from the early to mid 1970's.
  9. I don't know about inexpensive........the more common No. 16 box tends to sell around $80 to $120, depending on condition. The two A-16 boxes I saw, one red and one blue, went for $643 together.
  10. I believe this is an older version of the No. 16 box and these did come with 6 marbles. It also comes in red. Akro made design changes at times.
  11. Opportunities for a good, hearty laugh are not easy to come by. I, for one, am grateful to the seller for this instance - good for your health.
  12. I played with marbles in the early 1950's while living in Toronto, Canada. The word "marbles" was never used by the kids...all marbles were called "allies", and this Nerlich ad may explain why. I had thought the "Allies" name had come from Alley packaging, but perhaps not. Most marbles in circulation were slags with a blue base, solid white with yellow etc. swirls and the usual clearies. The only type I specifically remember were Vitro Phantom Conquerors.
  13. The virus is in the website, so don't click on the link in the email. The email itself from Alan is clean. You can look, but don't touch.
  14. I would agree with your assessment. It has those Tigereye colors and design. One of my favorite sunbursts.
  15. If Christensen actually made these, surely they were not one of a kind or one of a few. They were quite proud of their creations, making special boxes with American Agates or Guineas. Would they not have done the same for these types? Gropper Co. seems to have only packaged slags and swirls. If these Exotics were known to them, I'm sure they would have been lining up to market them. In either case, some would have survived from the wild and surfaced by now, in whatever condition. It just doesn't make sense.
  16. If the truth of these will not surface, then we're left with...... The owners of these marbles want them to be authentic and recognized as such. The non-owners want the opposite so they can can buy some for $10 at some point. Not very good.
  17. Hey, Speedracer. That's a bit harsh isn't it? Are you a self-appointed posting cop?
  18. I came close to buying one when they were for sale on Ebay. They were spectacular. But then I saw what Shamrock Marbles could make, and I changed my mind.
  19. Does a Master Cloudy need the patch, or can it be without as in an Akro Moonie? There are some of each in Steph's pictures.
  20. For the last couple of weeks, I've had problems. Firstly, it won't allow more than one attachment. Secondly, when I click on "Load this attachment", nothing happens. I did succeed once in the test forum, but could only add an image by going back and using the editor. My last attempt was an image only 43K in size, but I was told the file was too large. Otherwise, there is only the message "upload failed".
  21. Jackson R/W/B These are dug and provenance is certain.
  22. About a year and a half ago, someone on Ebay offered some marbles that he said were made in France in the 1960's. Some of them had the word "BONUX" or "AJAX" printed on them. I didn't record the size, but they were very similar.
  23. If you remember those Shipwrecked german swirls that were recovered and sold. They also had that texture. If a marble is free to roll around, it may retain its roundness, but if wedged between something the wear may be uneven and produce odd shapes. I don't know what would make it square, though.
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