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  1. Thanks Steph. I think so too....all colors absorbed or all reflected. Just didn't want to induce a battle on the topic.
  2. I like them all...but that brown on black on white cork is AMAZING!
  3. Another tri-lite. If white and black is taken as color, then this one is a seven color, otherwise five. John
  4. I thought this one was richly colored and nicely folded.
  5. In the purple group, first photograph to the top right appears to be a purple slag. Probably Akro, but I can't tell from here. The rest of the purple and blue examples appear to be transparent swirls...any number of manufacturers made these. As Steph pointed out recently, about a dozen manufacturers in WV. Getting certain IDs on these is tough...still lots of work to do on these. Slags were made for extended periods of time and in the millions, most of those are Akro if machine made. There is value sometimes especially larger and in finer condition, and those with great pattern and const
  6. Those last four are terrific. For that second marble, do you have any idea from dug marbles what factory location this came from? I've found only one of those so far.
  7. Nice example of a vaseline Popeye, Paul. The only one I've found so far has a few condition issues. Oh, well, I'll find one sooner or later. I found this in January and really like the banding and pattern on this example.
  8. Purple and orange snake! Wow! Another.
  9. Nice one Paul. Here's another.
  10. Thanks Paul and Steph! I'm feeling better now!
  11. Nice composite of the diversity and variation in Akro Milky marbles, Paul! Wow!
  12. A terrific hobby. Bottomless and full of diversity, fascinating and never boring. Welcome aboard! John
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