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  1. thanks!I have other types but I can not put pictures! there is a way to put more pictures?
  2. Hello everyone! from about 4 years they collect marbles, and one of my favorites are the euro sparkler. I managed to collecting pewterware various different types, I have cataloged. I have about 600, I'll put some photos of various types to know what you think! if you know more than me, I'll gladly take your advice! 1) SPARKLER BUTTERFLY I saw that in some sites call them so, for the shape of butterfly wings that form the single interior compartment. buy mainly from france.
  3. thanks to all of you are very kind, your help has been providential! I put the little along with other akro !!
  4. the white is inside together to blue. it's hard to take a picture!I thought it might be some kind of popeye or corkscrew, but are not experienced enough and I do not know color combinations ...
  5. Hello everyone! I have this marble, 5/8, transparent base and cobalt blue and white colors.It could be a akro? thanks for the answers alex
  6. thanks for the replies!here is the same marbles in other perspectives ... it is really difficult to photograph the aventurine!
  7. hello! I have these two euro sparkler are 5/8 with green aventurine. it is possible that the other is oxblood?They have done in oxblood the European marbles? thanks to all of alex
  8. I would refer you in the midst of my mica (5/8), I have these with in a vain like cat eyes alex
  9. hello to me too interest... I would affect shipping in Italy ??
  10. wowwwww.. akro sparkler ... my dream ...
  11. nice bag ,Ann! But I can not keep them in prison poor things ...I have to touch them! cat's eye czech 5/8 year 2013 - satin effect
  12. Thank you all for the welcome !! Here we are a few collectors ... but it is also a benefit because there is a lot of competition!
  13. wow amazing! as size, I prefer 5/8! great collection!
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