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  1. Hi, building a second runway and extra flaps sounds good, but i think it would lead to new problems and makes it more complicated. if everything is roughly working I will smooth the edges and try to fix everything more properly than it is now. Now I found an old motor from a cars' door and built a mechanism to push the marbles towards the last slot. Tomorrow I need to get some soft rubber / foam, because the wood is too slippery. With a little bit more pressure on the springs it's working, but the rubber will improve it I hope. I'm still sceptical if it will work with the whole setup, because the motor is quite slow but I liked the idea and wanted to try it. If that's not working I'm going to get some rubber belt and a faster motor and try to push the marbles to the end with that. AND if that's not working I need a break from this project I guess The marble pump is based on this video, which turned out to be the most simple way: Thanks, pete
  2. Hello, now i put everything together for testing. On the first picture you can see the marbles coming up through the pipe at the bottom of the picture. This is connected to a marble pump, which is working fine at the moment. The only problem now is that inclination is too small. So marbles don't run to the end of the line. So after some time the slots at the end will definitely remain empty. Either I now add some extra motion to this now, with a small vibration motor or some solenoid, or I have to increase inclination, which is difficult here, because the "highscore display" is already there. While working out the whole concept I had no idea that this part would cause so much trouble, otherwise I would have thought of something more efficient. Proper CAD construction would possibly eliminated some of the problems, but that's no way if you do it the first time and for a single piece. @I'llhavethat1 I don't get what you mean by "trough"? @hoody yes, in the video they had the same problem and I guess to have a reliable system a motor or something else is needed. A roof-rail-like construction seems to be a good idea, too! Greetings, pete
  3. Hi everyone, @Hoody Yes I also though using a vertical drop would solve the problem. I tried your idea with the centre wall but it didn't improve the situation. @I'llhavethat1 Yes, using an active mechanism, like with an auger, or a moving slot-sheet would be the best solution I guess. I now have come to the conclusion that have multiple marbles side by side entering any smaller entrance would always lead to blocking if there is not much active motion in the system. I think I found a way by making sure only one line of marbles is there. There are still some things to improve. The marbles have to be guided quite tight to avoid slipping one marble on top of another and cause blocking in the corners. But I think this is the way to go... The dispenser will be part of an electro-mechanical acarde-machine. I will post some information when its finished. I think the hard thing about mechanics is that finding a solution by trial and error causes a lot of handicraft. In electronics or programming you can change things and find a reference design or do copy and paste more easily. Does someone of you know a book with generals ideas/concepts in mechanical construction? (not mathematically, only practically, like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkQ2pXkYjRM) many greetings and thanks for your interest, pete
  4. Hello, currently I'm working on a marble dispenser , which is continously filled up with marbles and then releases them to five slots. The release mechanism is done with electromagnetic solenoids and a metall wire to make sure only one marble gets released. The huge problem I have now is, that on the entrance slots of the 5 outlets the marbles always get stuck. Actually I'm pretty desperated, because its the second dispenser I built (the first one worked even worse) and now it's still not working properly. See the attached photos. I already tried to guide the marbles by using these welding rods, but the problem remains. Any ideas how to avoid this? Did anyone of you build something similar? One idea to move stuck marbles is to put another solenoid which "knocks" on the board every now and then, but this would be the absolutely last solution since it is very loud. I am thankful for every idea/drawing/experience you can share, greetings, pete. * the general question is somehting like "How can I guide marbles rolling down a skew platform into multiple "slots" without the marbles blocking themself"
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