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  1. YES. In fact, I need to go over some of my cobalts. Never considered that. But I, too, have some that I thought were clear but have the faintest wash of the pink in blacklight. Pretty awesome.
  2. Ah, no children here. Just three childish labradors. Or, as some folks say, "labradorks." My biggest passion these days is gardening and all things gardening (even with half the year too flippin cold or snowed over) so I am intriqued about using copper wire to make sun catchers and the like. Funny about the earings, marbles are really too heavy for earings. LOL.
  3. Indeed. I am out of boxes for the moment, but am separating until my local store gets more in stock. Also planning to experiment with using copper wire to make "sun catchers" from marbles from the damaged bag or any others that have virtually no value. And, yes, all these marbles came from my GRANDFATHER. West Virginia. And many were likely part of my father's childhood. Wish I knew more. They came to me in a metal box that used to be some game or something. So no wonder the condition of many is not perfect. I am surprised a lot of them are actually in good to very good condition given th
  4. I got my ID book. Now to annoy you with my guessing. Would these be considered onionskin Lutz?
  5. Keep in mind, once winter sets in for good, you may find some Taters out there for sale. 😊
  6. I have a bazillion clears (with bubbles). Since they came from my grandfather, they have to be older than mid-50s. Any idea who made these? I find them on ebay but no manufacturers
  7. No worries guys. Once I get my ID book you will get SICK of me guessing
  8. Hahahaha. This was taken with my cell.
  9. Leaving you with these tonight. They remind me of the wind we are having.
  10. Any ID help appreciated.
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