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  1. ManofKent

    Doctor Who

    I grew up with Dr Who (Tom Baker was 'my Doctor'), and was glad to see the relaunched series, but found it got too silly over the past few seasons. I tried the new series with low expectations, but was really impressed. It felt much more like the Doctor Who of my childhood than any of the recent seasons.
  2. ManofKent

    Season's Greetings

    Have a great Christmas to those that celebrate and an equally great few days to those that don't.
  3. ManofKent

    Help identifying

    Agreed on Master for first two. Last one could be a misformed Master, or WV swirl of a few companies.
  4. ManofKent

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    Are we positive they're USA and not French?
  5. ManofKent

    More oddballs

    I'm clueless with those but they look vintage
  6. ManofKent

    Board Update

    Thanks to all - I'd have been lost without this great resource and community (possibly better off but still 😉).
  7. ManofKent

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Have a good one over the pond.
  8. Thanks for the update - I find the gallery pages very useful.
  9. ManofKent

    Mostly Pix - Vitro

    Thanks - yes that looks right.
  10. ManofKent

    Mostly Pix - Vitro

    New acquisition - any dating (or other info appreciated):
  11. ManofKent

    Chance to purchase...

    Bottom two are cheap Asian, the Alox are fakes (probably Marble King cats), the glass swan might be rebagged Jabo but I'm not sure.
  12. ManofKent

    All Red Black Line?

    Yes - Vitro All Red BlackLine
  13. ManofKent

    Couple more IDs please

    Agreed on Vitro Conqueror, Agreed on WV Swirl, although I'd lean Heaton if pushed - not sure on the far left, might be one of Champion's filament filled marbles rather Vitro, would want a closer look.
  14. ManofKent

    Id req.

    Can I throw Vitro Anacortes into the possibles - that teal looks plausible... Tricky one