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  1. Jjay

    Group 28: single marble

    Thanks Al and Steph. Steph thanks for the eBay link.
  2. Jjay

    Group 28: single marble

    Hi. In this large collection of marbles that I purchased, there were multiples of nearly every type marble in the collection. This marble had no brother or sister. It's the only one of its kind in the group. What is it? Is it a rare marble? Does it have any value beyond a common? Thanks for looking and commenting. I appreciate it.
  3. Jjay

    Group 26: cloudy marbles

    Thanks Steph.
  4. Jjay

    Group 27: an assortment

    I got stuck on trying to determine who made these and the type marbles they are. The colors were neat so I figured I'd ask. Thanks for looking and commenting. Are these common pile material? Thanks Jjay
  5. Jjay

    Group 25: More blue swirls

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Hey, the glass on these marbles seems different than most. It's cloudy looking. Is that a trait of one particular company? Thanks for ID'ing these and letting me know if they go in the commons pile. Jjay
  7. Jjay

    Group 25: More blue swirls

    And some of #4. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Jjay

    Group 25: More blue swirls

    Here are some more Picts of #5, using a different camera and technique. Maybe you can tell a little more about it. I'll also post a few more of #4. Thanks Steph.
  9. Jjay

    Group 23:

    Thanks Steph. I remembered you telling me that it had to be 4 flames together to be a flame so I wasn't sure if those were flames. I appreciate the help. I'm going to post a special one of a kind mystery marble next. Let me know what you think. thanks again Jjay
  10. Jjay

    Group 23:

    A few more of #8 also. Thanks for looking. It stays in the game marble pile unless you tell me something different. Thanks Steph. Paul and Al, I appreciate your help. Thanks Paul, check your email if you haven't already. Thanks
  11. Jjay

    Group 23:

    Here are a few shots of # 2 that might be more revealing. Thanks for looking and for your input.
  12. These may not be swirls. I do appreciate y'all helping me with these marbles. I think I have them figured out and then I find out I was way off. This is a very humbling hobby. I am greatful for the knowledge you have shared with me. Jjay
  13. Jjay

    Group 23:

    Thanks for all the input Steph, Al and Paul. I do appreciate it. I will post some more shots of #2. I was also wondering if #8 might be a little flamy. I'll post another one of it also. Thanks again for looking and commenting.
  14. These marbles are the toughest for me. I have a few of these with different swirls and shades of blue. I wonder if there is some technique y'all use in id'ing marbles or is it all from just experience from seeing so many. I appreciate your help.
  15. Jjay

    Group 23:

    These blue swirly marbles are the toughest to determine the maker to me. Actually they all are tough. Thanks for your help.