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  1. these were mixed into a lot I got that was supposed to be "vintage" but I can't tell if they are older Japanese (they are very slightly larger than the average) or if they are modern, or vintage. Any help? Most are between 5/8 and 11/16.
  2. what doth make a tiger eye? the white and 3 colors?
  3. a couple more....name the patch please? Thanks to all...
  4. number 3 This one has deeper colors, white, green, blue, red and maybe lavender, some blending
  5. 2nd marble lavender, blue, yellow, white
  6. by now you can tell I like common marbles. I have 3 I'd like ID'd. I believe they are Vitro 3 color but I'd like to know if they have another name...this one is a little larger than most, it is 11/16 #1 Patch
  7. Yes. One is a black single vane. The other is pictures of four sides of the other marble.
  8. Last picture, row 6 # 2 is that a bloodie?
  9. So which one a Cairo? And which a master? The black cat eye/banana has a tinge of blue glass and I have no idea what the other with the fingers/not really swirls are? Is that the one mbcapper thinks is a Cairo? i really like cairos from pictures I've seen.
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